Achievements Within Tomorrow


She found a guy told her she was a star, she loved him, she protected him, but in the end he chose to go away. Years have passed, but she's still waiting for him to come back, she still doesn't lose hope, she can wait even if the man who made her feel happy comes back a long time ago, she always wonders if she is loved too? Will he ever come back? Will he wait any longer? Time has come, she's tired of chasing him, so it's time for her to love herself, it's time to move on, but time flies so fast, her mind won't stop thinking about him. Not until one day, he come back, but she pretended not to care, the world turned upside down, he was now the one who's chasing her. But... will she ever forgive and accept him?

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I was getting ready when two kids pulled on my denim jacket. I kneeled down to plant a kiss on their cheeks. "Good luck, Mommy! We wish you all the best!" They both said, grinning, showing their cute little dimples. "Thank you, I love you!" I said that and hugged them. "Mommy will surely give all my best; just don't be naughty while I'm on stage na ha?" Be good, 'wag painitin ang ulo ni Tito Malix." I glared at my manager, who was sipping on his coffee and sitting like a queen. "Hoy! Anong Tito? It's Tita!" He said while flipping his imaginary hair. This gay. "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot eh," I said and made a face. I really love to tease my manager s***h best friend. "Forgot mo mukha mo! Paano mo makakalimutan sa ganda kong 'to? Naiistress na ako sa'yo Alessia, ha." Ella and Elle just laughed at us. Max has been my best friend since high school; he's always been by my side. "By the way, the concert will start any second now; I need to get ready." I planted a kiss on my children once again. I run towards the table to get my guitar, I look in the mirror to see if I look fine, and I breathe heavily. This will be my last concert here in America. Me and my kids will go back to the Philippines... for good, I guess? I looked at Malix, he nodded and decided to go to the stage when he gestured his hand. I heard all their voices, screaming my name. Alessia. "What's up, Lexzas!" I said while waving at them, and they scream for a response. I call all my supporters Lexzas, they made it, and Malix of course, it's from my name. "This concert will be going to be my last! I will go back to the Philippines, and go back to my normal life, but I hope you'll still support me! I'm going to give all my very best, just for my Lexzas! I hope this concert will be memorable, I love you all!" I started strumming my guitar and took a glance at them. I'm gonna sing the first song I wrote, "Always". This song was dedicated to my first love. We were so close with each other, and he treated me like a queen, always. But then, it faded when a girl came into the picture—the reason why he left me hanging. I started strumming my guitar and readied myself to sing. "Every time I see you I would go crazy. Listening to my heartbeat Beating fast and silly." Memories with him popped inside my head while I'm singing. "I don't know why this is happening to me, But baby please just let it be." I continued. "Lookin' into your electric blue eyes sending a shiver down my spine." I remembered how his angelic eyes looked at me. "Just by looking makes me feel weak Oh, darling please help me with this." They started singing with me, which made me even happier. I strummed until the chorus. "Because you make me feel like I'm in heaven." Always, always, always You make me feel like I'm your queen. Always, always, always." "But then suddenly She came into the picture. She's doing her best. To get your attention." Everybody is shouting now. "I don't know why I'm feeling this way." But baby, yes, I'm jealous of her." I kneeled and gave them a high five, but a fan almost pulled me, good thing I managed to stand and just smiled at her. "Unexpectedly, you got closer with her You became busy that you forgotten me." I can still remember how they treated each other. "Looking at you two makes me wanna cry Oh, darling please go back to me." Their closeness when they're together. "Because you made me feel like I was in heaven Always, always, always You made me feel like I was your queen. Always, always, always." I prepared my guitar for the ending. "I'm just hoping you're doing well." Always, always, always I just want to see that you're happy. Always, always, always." One more strum, and I'm done with my first song. I immediately turned my back to drink water. I spotted someone near the stage—a man with a black cap and black facemask. I looked into his eyes, and it made me shocked... Electric blue, just like his... I diverted my eyes from him, maybe I was just hallucinating. I finished every songs I prepared. I am now getting ready to sing my last song when a little girl came running towards where I'm standing. The staff is ready to take her off the stage but I gestured him to stop. I slowly walk to the little girl and kneeled. "Hello there, what's your name, baby girl?" I asked her in my sweet voice. "Oh my gosh! Is this for real?! Alessia is talking to me?!" She jumped out of happiness. I just giggled. "Uhm, my name is... Akeisha! My name is Akeisha Flaire!" The crowd just laughed at her. "Who are you with, Aki? Hmm?" I asked while fixing some strand of her soft and silky hair with my hand. "Wait! Oh my, uhm, I'm with my dad-" She stopped talking when a man wearing a cap covered her mouth. He's the man I saw a while ago. "Let's go, Flaire, your mom's looking for you." The man said, still looking at the kid. I can't see his face. I just smiled at the sight of them. I wonder when will be the right time for my kids to finally know, touch, and see their father... "I'm sorry that Flaire disturbed you, Miss." The man suddenly said and look at me. My smile immediately vanished and replaced by fear. Fear of seeing him after a long time. It's really him. With his one look, I think my world suddenly collapsed. Regretting having my last concert. Regretting that I did not allow the staff to stop the kid. I'm not yet ready to see him, after a long time. After what he did to me, to us...

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