Story By Cathy Gunn

Cathy Gunn

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Five Alphas and A Choice
Updated at Sep 23, 2023, 19:08
DAILY UPDATE Revenge/Female Lead Turning From Weak To Savage/Harem/Wolfless/Doctor/Military Leader/Mafia Boss/ “Are you insane?” Beatrice huffed with a mocking grin on her face, towering over Lola, “You would never be adopted by General. What he needs is a mature and sexy Beta, just like me. You’re barely a wisp of a little girl. YOU ARE NOTHING!” Growing up in an orphanage, Lola has been tortured and mistreated growing up. On her 18th birthday, she is forced to replace her orphanage bully, Beatrice Dunn, to go to jail. Stealing Lola’s identity, Beatrice is now General Lycan and his alphas’ precious mate. On the same day when Beatrice is picked up by General, Lola is rejected, being pushed rudely into the jail van. By then, Lola still doesn’t know that in the end, she will become more powerful than she could ever imagine. Eradicating all the vicious people who mistreated her, she becomes the one and only Luna of four successful and drop-dead-gorgeous Alphas… ******* General Cyrus rakes his big hand through his usually orderly hair, his eyes clouded with dense desire and frustration. He doesn’t look like that restrained military man to Lola anymore, “God… Lola… What did you do to me? I’m your foster father… I-I can’t generate…this kind of feelings for you… It’s wrong.” ******* Jason holds Lola in a playful chokehold with his muscled arm, his voice raspy against her ear, “You gotta stop learning those fighting skills, kitten. It’s useless. Besides, I will never let any danger get near you. Yes, you heard it right. The only reason of your Alpha’s national boxer championship is to protect you.” ******* Doc. Matthew smiles as he pushes a lock of hair behind Lola’s ear, the scent wafting from his white coat as refreshing as cedar, “I will make you feel better, little one. Your health is the only thing that matters to me.” ******* Kayden, the former mafia boss and current music industry tycoon, sat behind his broad desk as he interlaced his calloused fingers under his chin. The hard muscles on his arms and chest flexed under his black business shirt, “No. As your agent and Alpha, I won’t let any cooperation happen between you and that singer. Why? That bastard dared to stare at you the whole time during the Music Award. If I was not doing legal business right now, I would have sent one of my boys to blow off his fucking head…” ******* The smile on Jasper’s beautiful face is pale and fragile, “Lola… We grew up in the orphanage together and we are the only family each other have… I know you take me as your little brother… But… am I really not deserving another chance? You know I want more…” His pale fingers are cold as they brushed the side of Lola’s cheek. She looks up into his beautiful face as if she is mesmerized. Breathing seems like a labor when she got lost in those sad green eyes… Family or lover? Moral or passion? Lola can’t work it out… Is desire overriding anything? Will she finally find a way out? Or this choice of hers will eventually tear her into pieces? Click in to find out <3