Five Alphas and A Choice



“Are you insane?” Beatrice huffed with a mocking grin on her face, towering over Lola, “You would never be adopted by General. What he needs is a mature and sexy Beta, just like me. You’re barely a wisp of a little girl. YOU ARE NOTHING!”

Growing up in an orphanage, Lola has been tortured and mistreated growing up.

On her 18th birthday, she is forced to replace her orphanage bully, Beatrice Dunn, to go to jail.

Stealing Lola’s identity, Beatrice is now General Lycan and his alphas’ precious mate.

On the same day when Beatrice is picked up by General, Lola is rejected, being pushed rudely into the jail van.

By then, Lola still doesn’t know that in the end, she will become more powerful than she could ever imagine. Eradicating all the vicious people who mistreated her, she becomes the one and only Luna of four successful and drop-dead-gorgeous Alphas…


General Cyrus rakes his big hand through his usually orderly hair, his eyes clouded with dense desire and frustration. He doesn’t look like that restrained military man to Lola anymore, “God… Lola… What did you do to me? I’m your foster father… I-I can’t generate…this kind of feelings for you… It’s wrong.”


Jason holds Lola in a playful chokehold with his muscled arm, his voice raspy against her ear, “You gotta stop learning those fighting skills, kitten. It’s useless. Besides, I will never let any danger get near you. Yes, you heard it right. The only reason of your Alpha’s national boxer championship is to protect you.”


Doc. Matthew smiles as he pushes a lock of hair behind Lola’s ear, the scent wafting from his white coat as refreshing as cedar, “I will make you feel better, little one. Your health is the only thing that matters to me.”


Kayden, the former mafia boss and current music industry tycoon, sat behind his broad desk as he interlaced his calloused fingers under his chin.

The hard muscles on his arms and chest flexed under his black business shirt, “No. As your agent and Alpha, I won’t let any cooperation happen between you and that singer. Why? That bastard dared to stare at you the whole time during the Music Award. If I was not doing legal business right now, I would have sent one of my boys to blow off his f*****g head…”


The smile on Jasper’s beautiful face is pale and fragile, “Lola… We grew up in the orphanage together and we are the only family each other have… I know you take me as your little brother… But… am I really not deserving another chance? You know I want more…”

His pale fingers are cold as they brushed the side of Lola’s cheek.

She looks up into his beautiful face as if she is mesmerized.

Breathing seems like a labor when she got lost in those sad green eyes…

Family or lover?

Moral or passion?

Lola can’t work it out…

Is desire overriding anything?

Will she finally find a way out?

Or this choice of hers will eventually tear her into pieces?

Click in to find out <3

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01 The Necklace
This afternoon, Beatrice and her minions found me in the backyard and beat me up bitterly. I knew what she wanted. She wanted to rob my ruby necklace. But I couldn’t just give it away. My life depended on it. I could never leave this hell of an orphanage if I let her take it. “Just give the necklace to me, you crazy b***h!” Beatrice snarled, towering over me as she sent the tip of her boot into my side again, “What’s good even if you managed to keep it? General will never want a little cockroach like you…” General… General had promised me that he would come back for me… I closed my eyes and a pair of clear blue eyes emerged from my vision. The blue was so benign and peaceful, as beautiful as the deepest ocean. “This is the token of my promise,” those blue eyes stared at me and smiled as the beautiful ruby necklace was placed on my little palms, “Wait for me, love. When the war is over, I will come back for you.” Ten years ago, General had come to this orphanage and given the ruby necklace to me. He had promised me that one day, he would come back and take me away from this place. From that day, the necklace had become the the most important thing in my life. Life in this orphanage was torture. I was constantly beaten, starved, and abused. I’d been praying to leave this hell every single day… I had only been a child when I first saw General. It’d been so long. He wouldn’t be able to recognize me without the necklace. I had to find a way to keep it… The snow was heavy. I struggled to open my eyes as I tasted the tang of blood and mud in my mouth. The sharp pain on my side made me gasp. But I didn’t budge. The necklace was right beneath my body. If I moved, Beatrice would see it… “Bee’s definitely right,” Tiffany said with a whiny voice, “Lycans and Alphas only want their mates to be sexy and beautiful. You’re not even half as pretty as Beatrice. General’s most powerful Lycan in this country. How could he settle with a scrawny little b***h like you? It would destroy his image in public.” “Beatrice is the most beautiful girl in the orphanage. She’s the only one who suits his rank.” Bella said, “General might have given you that necklace years ago so he could recognize you. But I bet he would have given it to Beatrice if he saw her first. Why don’t you just give it to Beatrice already? It would save everyone a lot of trouble…” “I… I told you I don’t have it!” I cried, lying, “Mrs. Kim took it away a long time ago… She said we are not allowed to keep expensive things like that, remember? Just leave me alone!” Mrs. Kim was our greedy and abusive dorm keeper. Beatrice might be the biggest bully. But she would never dare to give Mrs. Kim any trouble… “Do you think I’m as stupid as you, Lola?” Beatrice hissed. I let out a whimper as she ground the tip of her boot against my wrist. “Don’t play tricks with me, Lola. You know the consequence. Frank was a great example. Do you still remember our chubby little piggy?” Beatrice said with a nasty smile on her face. Frank had been the new kid who came to the orphanage months ago. Beatrice had bullied him to death. She had tried to blame Frank’s death on other kids. But what she did had been captured on the surveillance cameras. Beatrice had already gone through 2 trials. She had cried and lied on the court. But the evidence was staring at everyone in the face. She would be sent to jail very soon. I knew why she wanted to be adopted by General so urgently. In this country, the power of the army knew no limits, not to mention how much privilege those military high officials enjoyed. The General was basically the most powerful man in this state. He could halt Beatrice’s trial easily and make her escape from jail if he wanted to. No one would dare to ask any questions. After all, Alphas and Lycans tended to spoil their lovers once they were chosen. But would that man really do that for Beatrice once she fooled him? No… He was so intelligent and fair… He would never abandon me for someone like Beatrice. And I couldn’t give in so easily and abandon him… I snapped my eyes open and my voice took on a new edge, “I know what you did to Frank, Beatrice. And you clearly have no idea what kind of person General is. If he gets to know what you really are, he wouldn’t even cast a glance at you. He will only despise you…” Venom churned under Beatrice’s green eyes as she sent the tip of her boot into my side again. I cried out loud in pain and my whole body was sent rolling in the mud. I felt the coldness of the necklace slip out of my shirt. My hand shot out to clasp it under my body. This necklace was the only bond between General and me. If I lost it, I would never be able to leave this snake pit and get the money to save Jasper’s life… He needed the money… I tasted the bitterness of tears and blood in my mouth as Beatrice walked over again. She yanked at my hair and forced me to look up at her, the gigantic smile on her lips threatening, “What are you talking about? I don’t understand a single word coming out of your mouth… And who are you calling ‘Beatrice’?” I glared at her confusingly. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. From today, you’re Beatrice Dunn and I’ll be Lola Fling. Our files have been switched. Mr. Chen, the head keeper of the record room just did me a small favor. Now, all I need is that stupid necklace. GIVE IT TO ME. Or I will make sure that crippled little brother of yours suffers every minute in this orphanage for the rest of his life!” My heart sank horribly. She had switched our files? Did that mean I had to spend the rest of my life in jail as Beatrice Dunn? “How… how is it even possible? It’s… it’s impossible…” I stuttered. I had been taken by an unspeakable horror. The shockingness on my face seemed to please Beatrice. She threw back her head and laughed, “This is one thing I like about you, Lola. You’re always so sweet and naive. How is that possible? Well, all I can tell you is that Mr. Chen has his access and he’s absolutely obsessed with me.” “You will go to hell for this…” I clenched my teeth as tears rolled down my cheeks, “You will burn in hell for murdering that innocent boy and stealing everything from me…” “Stealing everything from you? Who the f**k are you to think you’re entitled to have General’s love and protection?” Beatrice glared at me viciously with a cruel sneer on her face, “Lola, you have to admit that you don’t deserve to be adopted by the most powerful Lycan in this country. I am just better than you, in all aspects. Now, give the necklace to me. Or I will crush every single scrawny little bone in your body if I have to.” “What did you do to make Mr. Chen exchange our identities? Did you suck his c**k?” I spat, “He’s a married old man and he’s bald. You’re a stinky w***e!” “Shut up!” Beatrice screamed like a madwoman as she sent her foot into my abdomen again. The pain was so sharp that an inhuman screech escaped my mouth. My hand went to cover my stomach as the necklace fell into the blood-tainted snow. Beatrice’s eyes lit up like a hungry wolf’s when she spotted the red of the ruby amid the blinding white. She lurched forward to grab it. I tried to stop her but everything was too late. My whole body was sore and torn. I couldn’t even stand up. I could only watch as Beatrice dangled the beautiful ruby necklace before her eyes, staring at the giant ruby greedily… Bella and Tiffany also came forth to admire the beauty of the jewel… “Wow… It’s so beautiful…” Bella, as if infatuated by the glow of the stone, reached out a hand toward it… “DON’T touch it!” Beatrice slapped her hand away. “Sorry, Bee…” Bella cradled her swollen hand as she smiled apologetically. “General will definitely adopt you after seeing this necklace.” Tiffany flattered, “I heard Alphas and Lycans tend to spoil their mates once they take them into their packs, not to mention a wealthy Lycan like General… You will be living like a princess, as you should be…” “I know,” the smile on Beatrice’s lips was smug and lazy, “I can’t wait to leave this shithole. And I will never come back after I get adopted.” “You must be joking, right?” Bella asked timidly, “You will at least come back to visit us, right? After all… we are best friends...” Beatrice huffed, “Gosh, Bella, give me a break. I will send you some cash. You happy now?” “But you promised to beg General to get us out of here when you get adopted… He’s a powerful man… He can definitely do that…” Tiffany broke into a nervous string of words. Beatrice made her shut up with a stern glance, “Shush, Tiffany. I didn’t promise anything. Or do you want to take Lola’s place and go to jail?” Tiffany instantly bit her tongue, “I’m sorry, Bee.” “And I heard the guards in that jail are extremely nasty.” Beatrice grinned as she redirected her cold eyes toward me, “They said they would r**e you and make you work 16 hours a day. Some of the inmates were even exhausted to death…covered in their own s**t and blood…” I clenched my teeth, resisting the urge to shiver. Beatrice sauntered toward me, stomping a foot on my chest as she leaned down to meet my eyes, “I hope you enjoy your comfy stay in Eastern River Jail, Lola. I will make sure to visit you after General adopts me. I will f**k your General so hard until he forgets about that stupid promise he made you. By then, if you still wish to see him, I would probably bring him and my other alphas with me when I visit you. And you will see how much he’s obsessed with a ‘stinky w***e’ like me.” Beatrice’s smug smile was the last thing I saw before I lost consciousness. Darkness swallowed me. I tried to cry out loud for help. But no one heard my prayer…

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