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To Loosens The Grip (Hot Professor stand alone)
Updated at Jan 28, 2023, 14:35
Warning: Mature content R-18 She's sick, unwanted and a looser one. Lahat na lang yata ng panlalait ay nasa sa kaniya. she's hard working, to the end that she risk her life for the money and cause her body unhealthy one. Kung pwede lang sanang mabili ang attention ay sana nagawa na niya. She wants a happy family pero, pinagkait sa kaniya iyon. Siya na lang kase ang tumatagayod para sa pag-aaral ng mga kapatid. Her brother's and sisters support her but the parents didn't. She's in love but in a tragic way. she thinks her love couldn't enough cause the man she love keeps run a way from her. she didn't know in the first place why it is happening. Until the truth revealed that makes Agora's heart shattered. Garreth Miro Cua, a handsome professor and a professional model. He has a secret, he has a lover pero kailangan niyang makipaghiwalay sa malalim na dahilan. and what if that secret has ended and revealed? makakaya niya kayang itama ang lahat sa kabila ng galit ni Agora?.
The Marriage Proposal (Stand alone)
Updated at Jan 21, 2023, 21:46
Victoria Fonte having her own decision to marry the man she hate the most. She will saved the bankruptcy of their own company through the help of De Laroa's family. She will do it for the business sake, for her family and nothing more nothing less. Edmon De Laroa likes her and chases after her attention. Victoria thinks that he keeps creepying her out and to the point that she's always hurts him emotionally. Edmon received rejection and declination in the end. The man gave up on what he did because he accepted that the girl did not like him at all. Pero sadyang mapagbiro ang tadhana. Victoria has missing someone, the annoying one and she disgusted the most. Na realise niya ang lahat ng pangungulit nito na naghatid na pala sa kaniya ng Ibang pakiramdam. But too late to realise that she's falling in love and he's fallen out of love.