Story By Kaye Cee

Kaye Cee

Welcome to my page! What can I say about myself? Well, nothing much aside from the fact that I FEEL FREE WHEN I'M WRITING. I love reading and writing, may it be in my native language or English. But I do prefer thrillers or mysteries or horror. Hope you guys love my stories ❤️ I won't disappoint you. Facebook: Kaye Cee Instagram: kayecee_921
Reina of Hanneau (English)
Updated at May 24, 2022, 21:12
Asai Reina lived a complicated life in a conservative society. After discovering her fiance's infidelity, she found herself pregnant and unwed. Her family's mixed heritage also caused them to receive strange looks from others. Just as she was about to give up on life, Reina received a marriage proposal from Sou Mitsuei, who was ashamed of his brother's actions and wanted to provide a name for the child. Despite her initial doubts and family's resistance, Reina accepted the proposal and married him, hoping for a better future for her child. Will this new marriage bring the happiness and acceptance that Reina craves?
Bittersweet (English)
Updated at Sep 27, 2021, 08:52
After a tragedy on top of a heartache, Kaye committed herself to running her family's legacy, Sweet Macy's. Everyone gave her the room she needed to heal, but one person refused to do so. Mykel, her childhood friend, never missed a chance to annoy her or force his feelings towards her. Nevertheless, Kaye couldn't deny the growing feelings in her heart. Unfortunately, she couldn't fully embrace his love. Not when she failed to overcome her fears.