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CA Clarke

Nothing like a global pandemic to kickstart writing the book I have always dreamed of! Caly\'s story \'ENERGY OF THE OMEGA\' is complete! Caly\'s journey continues with \'THE ALPHA\'S ENERGY CRISIS\' is complete as of 09/09/2021. \'GAMMA’S ENERGY ATTRACTS\' Will begin sometime in November 2021. My books are free to read while I am writing them and go to the pay-to-read program shortly after. Follow me to make sure you get updates on new books and a chance to read for free.
Gamma's Energy Attracts
Updated at Apr 20, 2023, 09:07
Caly’s gift has always been the unique energy that she passes on to those in need. Caly has never been more needed in her busy new life; she is the wife of Alpha Stavros and Luna of Blood Pact while remaining Co-Alpha of Moon’s Heart. She helps the werewolf community wherever she can and runs her business from home so she can be with her two pups. Rogue attacks are down and the Elder’s Council has been purged of its corruption. Everything is good, isn’t it? A surprising call from the Elders Council uncovers a mystery, hundreds of gifted werewolves have gone missing all over North America in the past 40 years and no one has even bothered to look for them! Fueled by anger, Caly helps her Gamma, Theressa Wildwood, to try to find the truth- and it’s much darker than they could have imagined. Caly starts noticing the changes in her twins, Carissa and Atlas. Could they have inherited their Mother’s gifts? If so, they might be the newest targets. Caly has been kidnapped in the past. Perhaps it’s time to get ‘caught’ again, and bring down the evil from within. ***Series*** 1. Energy of the Omega (Completed) 2. Alpha's Energy Attracts (Completed) 3. Gamma's Energy Attracts (Ongoing)
Energy of the Omega
Updated at May 11, 2022, 20:16
**Completed** Her Mama named her Calypso, which means ‘secret’ in Greek. ***** Story Exerpt***** "Alpha, you didn't complete the mark!" The Doctor says as if she were in shock. "Isn't the next stage euphoria? It's supposed to be like the strongest orgasm you've ever had and a drug high all rolled into one? Ya, no thanks. I can't have her that f*****g attached to me, Alright? She's alive, that's all you're going to get from me." Dr. Murray snaps out of wherever her damn head was at, to give me a good chewing out, "Alpha, I think that might be the cruellest thing I have ever witnessed a wolf do. You marked her without consent, and then you go and cut it off? You know it begins painfully, surely you must have felt her hurting? You didn't even tend to the mark to help numb it! How can you let her suffer?" "You say she's a f*****g wolf, so let her lick her own damn wounds!" I roar. Not one of them looks the least bit frightened. I can't take the three of them staring at me like I've grown devil's horns and a tail.
Alpha's Energy Crisis
Updated at Sep 10, 2021, 09:59
**Completed!! Sequel to the Energy of the Omega. This book picks up immediately after the events of the first book, so please read the first book for a complete understanding of the story.** Caly Johnson has been trying to build a relationship with her Fated Mate, but Alpha Stavros's damaged past and the issues within Blood Pact seem insurmountable. While struggling to free herself from the clutches of the Elder's Council an old acquaintance offers her the chance of a lifetime. Caly is determined to make the werewolf world better, but will it lead her back to her Mate?