Gay Fantasy Books Series

Gay fantasy books are stories that are categorized with romance and fantasy as their core genres.

Gay fantasy books often involve two hot werewolves falling for each other against the odds, or the sexy Alpha falling for the vampire king to ruin the myth of mate bonds.


"gay fantasy books"Book Series:

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    Gay s*x Fairy Tales Erotica Bundle

    Rod Mandelliread17.7KLGBT+

    "Once upon a time..." has never been quite this gay, hot and sexy! These gay versions turn the classic stories into true erotic "fairy tales!" The Prince & The p***s Pill - When a sexy stranger arrives at the castle, the "queen" devises a unique test to determine if his claims of being a real gay prince are true. Has Prince Andrew finally found another true gay prince with whom to share his kingdom (and his muscular body) in the Enchanted Forest? The Naked Emperor's New Clothes - Two horny gay con artists plot to literally charm the pants off the Emperor and trick him into giving them what they really want – access to his private parts and all the naked male bodies they can get their hands on, starting with the hulking muscular guard at the palace gate. Jack & His Beanstalk - Jack and his roommate Ben devise a business plan that gives Jack's "beanstalk" a good workout. Then, Jack is in for a big surprise when he trades his s****l services with a strange man in the woods in exchange for five magic beans. Later, when slim Jack goes begging for something to eat at the castle in the clouds, he has two choices – get eaten by the giant or eaten out (and more) by the giant's husband! Joe White & The Seven Dudes - "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the hottest and the queerest of them all?" Sexy and muscular Joe White barely survives a jealous wizard's wrath by trading his s****l talents for his life. Later, it's up to the seven dudes to work Joe over (as a team) in order to break a terrible curse.

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    100 Gay Erotic Tales for Men - Volume 1

    Wheeler Carmanread2.7KRomance

    For Those Who Enjoy It Super Raunncy And Filthy, This Is Definitely For You. Keep Something For Cleaning Up Close By, Because You're Guaranteed To Be Left With Sticky Fingers.Let The Bigger Men Pound Their Way Into The Tight Holes All Night Long!

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    This Crazy Love: A Gay Romance Collection

    Topher Jamesread2.0KRomance

    This Crazy Love: A Gay Romance Collection is an M/M romance bundle bringing you 3 of Topher James’ steamy, sensual, and romantic M/M love stories. From brand new experiences, to new self-discoveries and awakenings, to lusty first times, and love that stands the test of time, these three gay romances will make you laugh, smile, cry, fan yourself, and leave you wanting more. Contained in this box set are the M/M romance novels A Second Chance, Finding Love Again, and Where You Least Expect. * A SECOND CHANCE I never thought I’d love again. Even if I could, I didn’t even know if I wanted to. I was betrayed... I had my heart broken. And I was in mourning... I lost a dear friend. Something inside me just shut down. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to face the world. But then I saw him again... Keifer... the man who broke my heart. And it all came rushing back. The emotion, the fire... the heat... the memories... the rage. So I punched him. Yeah, I punched him real good. I thought it would be over. I never expected to keep thinking about him. I never expected that he... that he was still thinking about me. I always said to myself that I wouldn’t give anybody a second chance. Cross me, and you’re out, gone, and we’re finished. But now I find myself changing my tune. I don’t know if I’ll be able to give him a second chance. But I know that I’m going to try... and we’ll see where this goes. Because I still love Keifer. And doesn’t love deserve a second chance? * FINDING LOVE AGAIN William knew he’d never walk again. He’d lost that part of his life... but he never thought he’d lose more. Lose his wife. Lose his life. The injury changed everything. They injury stole everything. He was ready to give up hope. The only thing he still lived for was his physical therapy sessions. The only thing he still lived for was his budding friendship with his therapist, Lucius. The man was kind and gentle, listened and helped. He was the only support William had. And to William’s surprise, he realized that he was beginning to fall in love with his physical therapist. Now... now an ex-wife and ex-life later, he’s finding a reason to hope again. To live again. And... to love again. * WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT Love is confusing. It intertwines with lust, with a base attraction so animal and powerful, it can make a man do things he shouldn’t. It can make a man think things are one way... when they are the other. I thought I was in love with Terrence. He was everything I wanted in a man. But I slowly began to realize that I was just in love with the fantasy of him. Terrence in theory. And the person I was really falling in love with... the man who would stand by my side, love me, support me... Was someone I could never have imagined. Greg used to cruise for girls. Greg was the ladies man on campus, a star athlete back in the day. And here he was... his gorgeous eyes looking right through me. And he’s telling me that he’s falling for me... And that this could be the beginning of our happily ever after.

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    Gay Erotic Stories

    Aston Foxread1.6KLGBT+

    Extremely filthy forbidden gay erotic short stories... Dark daddy, b**m, harem, rough, used, ganged, milf, brats, dominant...

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    The Wicked Hot Wizard of Oz (Gay Romance Fantasy)

    Matthew W. Grantread1KLGBT+

    Over the rainbow. Waaaay over... Farm boy Donny Windham has two big problems: he's in the closet; and he's in love with his straight best friend! His solution? Run away from home to someplace he's not the only gay guy in a two hundred mile radius of his family's Kansas farm. Before he can leave, a tornado transports Donny and his little dog Toto to the magical Land of Oz where they encounter Lions and Tylers and Gay Bears - oh my! Donny makes new friends along the way including the scantily clad Good Warlock of the North, the sassy Scarecrow, the brokenhearted Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion. Of course, there's the small matter of the Wicked Warlock of the West who'll stop at nothing to see Donny dead! On his fantastical journey down the Yellow Brick Road towards the Emerald City to meet the Wicked Hot Wizard of Oz, Donny discovers one important thing: There's no place like home, especially if it's with the man of his dreams. Editor's note: Mark Pace is Matthew W. Grant's dedicated pen name for gay romance novels and gay romantic suspense novels.

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    150 Gay s*x Stories Collection

    Gideon Glasgowread1.6KLGBT+

    This Is Yet Another Extremely Explicit, Hot, Dirty Male On Male e*****a Collection Of Short Stories Guaranteed To Keep Your Sissy Toes Curled.Get A Taste Right Now Of The Fresh, Creamy, And Steamy Experience From These Naughty Stories Of Men on Men Action!

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    Gay Forbidden Erotica Collection

    Jason Coxread1KLGBT+

    Are You Looking For An Erotic Collection To Delight Your Senses?Perhaps You Want To Read Hot Stories Before Going To Sleep? Explicit Aroused Steamy Gay Erotica Short Stories: MM First Time, Straight To Gay, Threesome, Age Gap, Office, College, Dark Fantasy, Rough RomanceHot, Sexy Naughty Gay Erotic Stories For Men! These 50 Stories Can Be Enjoyed Alone Or With That Special Someone. Get Lost In A World Of Fantasy, Where Every Dream Becomes A Reality And Everything Is Possible. Download And Immerse Yourself Into These Pages Of Pleasure Upon Pleasure, Night After Night... Don’t Hesitate, Because This Is Just The Book For You!

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    Gay Taboo Erotica Collection

    Jason Coxread1KLGBT+

    If You Love Steamy Short Stories Of Man-On-Man Action, You’ll Love This Collection Of 50 Short Stories About Denial, Forbidden Desire, And Uncontrollable Lust. This Is A Sexy Collection Of 50 Seductive M/M Gay Erotic Stories. Full Of Hot Guys, Denying Their Feelings For Other Men Until They Can’t Hold It In Any Longer. These Pages Are Full Of Passion And A Whole Lot Of Fun. 58,000+ Words Of Pure Pleasure...

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    Gay Erotic Dreams Collection

    Donald Bandyread1KLGBT+

    Are You Looking For A Massive Gay Male Collection Of 50 Stories To Satisfy Your Desire?Great! Look No Further. Yes, Look Inside. You Won't Be Disappointed!

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    Gay s*x Chronicles

    Aston Foxread1KLGBT+

    Get a chance to indulge in your wildest fantasies...I'll give you what you're afraid to ask for. You found the best collection of gay wild and passionate s*x stories. Are you ready to allow yourself to experience sensual fantasies that will make you horny as hell?