High School Books Series

In other words, this is generation Z and millennials' go-to. In high school books, readers can choose from various genres. It could be historical, fantastical, or romantic, depending on your mood. Well, don’t forget the academic high school books. That's a must for a better future.

In a high school romance, the hero or heroine is typically a nerdy but strong student at an elite private school. One-shot of Chance by Pinkeujas is a perfect example of that. Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings all feature fantastical worlds. I applaud the young writers of today who can create mystical or romantic high school settings. What a fantastic imagination they have!


"high school books"Book Series:

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    The School Bully

    Louise M.read2.7MYA&Teenfiction

    Book 1 of The Bully series: Shy bookworm Sophia Gideon wished she had a boyfriend like in her books. But her wish backfired when she caught the interest of her school's most vicious bully. Rumors has it he enjoyed beating up people, enjoyed making them suffer in the worst possible way. Sophia was convinced he was a monster. A cruel, unfeeling, soulless monster. But was he? (COMPLETE)

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    High School Bad Girl [COMPLETED]


    "Zoey Collins" the rebellious bad yet brilliant girl of the school. She doesn't believe in 'Love' nor did it exists for her. "Ryder Jenkins" the school's most famous quarterback and girl magnet with a much less IQ than Zoey. Zoey always made sure she was never messed with nor did she ever mess with anyone but if anyone bullied her or her friends she always kicked their a*s and she had just two friends Leah William and Zane Rogers who also shared her brilliance. They were known as the 'Three Musketeers'. Things were going smooth for her till she was to tutor Ryder. One misunderstanding turned Zoey and Ryder's lives upside down. Ryder - "Don't ever cross my path ever if you wanna live cause the next time we cross paths I am gonna make you pay for ruining my life b***h!" Zoey - "Lets see who's gonna be the one who will be paying you asshole and you better pray that I never have to see that face of yours!" They thought that is the last time they will be facing each other but fate had other plans in store for them.

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    Harkins Academy

    Fumise Loveread128.4KRomance

    "If I fall in love with you, you win," he confidently said. "And if you fall in love with me, I'll claim my prize in my own room," Abused and hated by her own mother, that's what Avery Tanner's life had been. Ever since her father died, she was left with no shoulder to cry on. Avery was nearly even killed by her own mother. Proving how much she hates her, she sent her to Harkins Academy, a private boarding school. Little did she know that it wasn't a school for normal people. It was merely a school for s*x addicts.

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    Evercrest High

    Angelic Productionsread258.3KRomance

    "So I see Barbie and Ken made up." He teased as she glared. "Come on, don't judge me so quickly, I am a romantic at heart." "A romantic who corners a girl in the bathroom after spilling a drink on her?" He held his hands up in defeat before smirking to her. "I am sorry…" "Okay." As she went to move past him, he held his arm out so she couldn't get by him. Due to this, her eyes were forced to meet with his own. "I have a boyfriend, as you saw…" she commented as he smirked, slowly nodding, before moving himself towards her to the point where she was pinned against the locker. Luckily, they were the only ones left within the hallway, allowing this moment to only be known between them two. "What makes you think that my one burning desire is to change that? I just wanted to give you something to think about…" "Oh yeah? And what's that?" He leaned into her, bringing his lips to her ear. "A guy should make your panties wet, not your eyes." She was at a loss for words to what she was told as she wasn't sure if it aroused her or disgusted her. But she admired his ability to be confident in who he was, which was trouble for sure...but also something else...something she felt that she could connect to.

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    The High Alpha

    Elizabeth Johanneread299.4KRomance

    Catalina’s story continues. Catalina has become the High Alpha of the werewolf council. She is also welcoming more than one new member to her family. But with a threat to her life, Catalina tightens her circle and focuses on family. Strange events around the pack lands cause growing concerns for everyone. Catalina must solve the mystery and learn how to stay apart of her life as everyone else grows old and moves on.

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    The high school bully’s obsession. [completed]

    princess jodyread66.0KRomance

    " what's your name!?" I demanded a little too harshly judging by how she started trembling as she looked down biting her lips. I wish I was the one biting them for her since they looked so delicious right now. I would do anything just to feel her lips wrapped around my...bad Tyler calm down would you? I shook the thought away because I didn’t want to walk with a h****n right now when I had class to attend. " I asked you a question!" I demanded again trying to get her to tell me her name so I could know what to call her but this time she let out a shaky breath. I could tell she was nervous by the way her eyes were looking everywhere but at me. At any different time I would laugh at the way she was acting but this time it’s different. " m-my name is Emma." She replied and I smirked a little at that. I took her hair in my hand and smelled it like the weirdo i was. My friends began chuckling and I saw her blushing. She smells like cherry which suited her and now became my favorite scent. I was now obsessed with this scent and if she’s going to be mine, I’ll make sure she’s stocked up on this scent all the time. " good now you're my girl." I stated and she chose that moment to look me in my eyes shocked as to what I just said. Julian. Mason and peter continued to snicker beside me as if they couldn’t believe I just said that. I started smirking at them and Julian shook his head then lifted his hand and making a hand gesture letting me know that I was crazy. Well maybe I am crazy, crazy for this brown hair hazel eyes girl right here in front of me. " your girl?" She asked timidly and I gestured to Julian and mason to let her go because I could tell she started to get a bit uncomfortable. I got in her face and inhaled the scent coming from her neck and kissed her cheek. " yeah my girl. You are mine from now on Emma, whether you liked it or not." I said through gritted teeth so she could see that I was serious and she nodded her head as she dashed out of here like her life depended on it, well maybe it did. Find out more on: the high school bully’s obsession Follow tyler scot and Emma Henry story. All rights reserved........ Written by: princessjody

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    Rich Boys Academy

    Liahona Floresread83.0KYA&Teenfiction

    [COMPLETED] One school. One female. One thousand boys. "Beware. They're not just boys. They're demons sent from hell. Those rascals will be your nightmare." Yes, I've been warned. Yes, I didn't listen. Yes, I thought I can handle kids very well. And yes, I took the job as a new teacher at Rich Boys Academy. And I'm still in my 18 years of age. I need this job more than anything in the world. It's the only job that accepted me without any qualifications except the principal asking me if I'm strong enough to handle kids my age. And even though I don't even know if I can, I still said yes and took the job. I badly need it to save myself and my family. "Welcome to Rich Boys Academy, Ms. Sarah Greene." Annddd... here we go. The beginning of my journey to hell.

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    All Boys Summer School


    Alex James was not a shy girl or a nerd, she was quite the opposite. She got good grades, but could be better, with her parents working great jobs, they expected more from her. What did they do after she got her results from her sophomore final exams? They decided to send her to a summer school, but not just any summer school. A boarding school where kids like her needs help to get better grade, but get this its an all boys school. What do you think will happen? Any summer romance? New crushes? A love triangle perhaps? Read to find out about Alex's summer full of fun, games, pranks, late night drives, parties and much more. Get ready because this summer can make her or break her.

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    The Billionaire High School Bully


    COMPLETED, check out Book 2 - Marrying my Bully! My name is Sophia. I'm a 17-year old scholarship student at Highlands Highschool. All rich kids come here to study business, home-caretaking, arts, and many more. I got here by an accident and I considered myself lucky. Until I met him. The richest bully I've ever met. He was taller than an average guy, his eyes were full of intense emotions, and his smile was to kill for. Yet his words and behavior didn't match his image at all. The handsome guy turned into a devil, who enjoys my suffering together with his lot. I want to finish my studies and fall in love as a normal high-school girl! The first time I met her, she was a completely lost cause. She didn't belong here, I could say that from the moment I first laid my eyes on her. And I was intent on making her stay at this school a living hell until she decided to leave herself! But somehow her eyes told me I was on the losing end. Foolishly falling in love...

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    High School Reunion

    Megan E. Beanread10.8KLGBT+

    "Elizabeth is back in Indiana for her ten year high school reunion. She moved to New Mexico shortly after graduating and hadn’t seen her friends since. But while catching up, she runs into someone from her past ... literally. Her ex-girlfriend, Veronica. After their bad break-up and Elizabeth moving away, Veronica focused on following her dream of becoming a photographer. When she runs into Elizabeth, neither of them can deny the sparks. Will they act on them or push them aside?"