"alpha's broken mate"Book Series:

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    Behind the smile.


    Story of a young girl having to deal with been abused by her guardian or father , she was alive in her own world, dealing with the harsh reality of life, running away from. Her world or craving ecstasy, she lives in a world where the stories told hits harder than the expectation and people you'd never imagined. It's an insight to the trauma and stigma that sexually harassed victims go through, I try my best in this book to paint a picture of reality it self.....

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    Her Revenge for the Divorce

    Emmarentia Snymanread77.2KRomance

    Lina had a hard life. Her father hated her for being born. Her mother died at her birth and he made her marry Jack Adams that always listens to his mother Penelope Adams when Penelope makes her husband, who Lina loved a lot, made his son to divorce her for Angela Summers. She was heartbroken and Lina is out on revenge. She goes to a club that night and sleeps with a stranger she does know. Ten years she is back successful and destroying her ex-husband and his family. But whose son id the little boy and girl beside her? Are they Jack's or the stranger she slept with? The twins are clever and sweet and love their mommy. Markus Green is a billionaire he is not married but engaged to a woman called Jackie O'Conner. Can he marry a woman he does not love. Can he forget the woman of he slept with nine years ago? Did he give his seed and heart away that night? He has been looking for her for years. Markus is a dangerous man he makes his money legally but also he does not like competition. So when the new telecommunications opens in town he is angry as they are sinking his partners the Adams' Family and he just invested his money in the company as they were the most successful telecommunications company in town. Until this woman come to rune it all.

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    The prince's abused Mate

    Sunshine Princessread133.1KRomance

    # Dreame Writing Marathon - Love Story Contest Amara is a sixteen year old girl who grew up surrounded by loneliness and harsh punishment from members of her family. On her seventeenth birthday, they betrayed her in the worst way by selling her to a rogue boss who took a liking to her to save their company. She was abused, starved and beaten when she didn't meet his demands. And what's worst, her only hope, her mate refuses to accept her and uses her for a bet he made with his friends. Ahyan Altamonte is handsome, wealthy, notorious, reckless, and one of the most powerful men in supernatural society. He is the prince of dragons and wolves, the man has it all and having a mate is the last thing he wants. Will Amara overcome her traumatic past and move on, or will it haunt her forever and get lost in it? Welcome to their story and find out what happens.

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    Letting go


    A legend was written years ago of two white lycan made to be mates, to love-hate, fight but also made to be together for the supernatural being betterment. Kate David is a lycan who grew up without the devotion of a mother, father, and even by her brother except by the woman she calls grandma. she anyhow believes she doesn't need a mate for it causes agony and weakness. Lawrence Clifford king of kings has been waiting for his mate but gave up ever finding his mate. what happens when these two are meant to be together, will Kate ever learn to love and we both accept each other, or will they run away from fate. Join Kate and Lawrence in their adventure through grief, wrath, and most importantly love. A story filled with heartbreak and betrayal.

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    The Unloved Mate


    There are a few things to know about 'Isabella' She's​ an omega.. Love's cooking... she's a dark brown wolf named 'Nora'... most of the pack does not know she exists... 'bella does not know what love is as her own parents never gave her any. She cooks, cleans, and does any work thrown at her but she does it all because she thinks 'one day my mate will come and shower me with love and make up for all these years'. but that hope soon vanishes when her mate rejects her...... The only thing she had was taken away from her. Hope. Of being loved. Of having a mate. Her life source was taken away from her...she wanted to die, but her wolf did not let her. Someone needs you bella, you still have a purpose to live, moon Goddess is not cruel..just hold on...; were her exact words. follow Isabella on her journey of love. i can assure you it has a happy ending...

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    The Rejected Slave


    Suriel Matthews has been living in the Silent Pack all her life. Her mother died in a vampire attack along with the Luna. Her father died before she was born, killed by rogues. Suriel has been treated worse than an Omega. she has been the pack slave. She is bullied by most of her pack members including the Alpha. What keeps her there? The dream of finally finding her mate. What will happen when Suriel finds out that half of her life had been nothing but a lie? What will she do when she finds the sole reason behind her mother's death? ****** Damien White is the future Alpha of the Silent Pack. His mother, Luna Sara died twelve years ago in a vampire attack while out on a picnic with some of her friends. Damien left the pack five years ago to go to Alpha School. Now twenty years old he is ready to take over the pack along with his fiancé Daisy. Daisy is the only child of Alpha Myles of the Blue Moon Pack. What would happen when Damien gets back to his pack with his fiancé? What would Damien do when he finds the truth behind his mother's death?

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    The Hybrids Secret (The Tormented Mate Series Book 2)


    There wasn't much to know on my biological father. I know everything now. I am a wolf hybrid. I am the product of my mother being raped. I was raised in a pack by my biological mother and her mate. I am the only one in my family who can't shift, who doesn't have healing abilities, and who won't stop aging. I am still learning about myself and my fathers past. I have no idea what I may recover in my search but I need to know everything. One of the things I want to know is if I have the same mate bond as wolves. I am searching but have not had luck yet. Tyler is on the hunt for answers. Will he find them? Will he find a mate in his search even if he is only a hybrid? Tyler's journey will take you on some twists and turns along with some heated experiences.

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    The Alpha's Eluded Luna

    C. Hazlewoodread89.8KRomance

    Paul Lopez has waited years to confirm that Dani Lee is his mate. He has always felt a pull towards her, but his hesitation to approach Dani has left a horrible misunderstanding, causing him to loose her as soon as he comes of age to claim her. Dani is a pure and musically talented girl, with a loving stepdad and always finds the bright side to any situation. When her and her dad move to Crescent Valley Pack, they finally feel like they're accepted and hidden away from the demons of their past. It isn't until tragedy strikes for Dani that they find themselves having to run once again. A miracle comes from tragedy, and Paul and Dani must fight demons of their past and present to find their happiness. *Trigger Warnings throughout the book. If assumed r@pe or assault are triggers for you, read with caution* Any attempts to steal my work will be met with legal action. Copyright © 2023 C. Hazlewood

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    Adira's Journey

    Mia Rodriguezread19.6KFantasy

    5th book in the Runaway Angel Series!! Adira, a young Demon Wolf who has found her only living family, struggles to feel like she has found a home. Her brother, Roman, is the King of all the werewolves with a strong pack, a blessed Luna, and newborn children. Adira watches as her brother has a life and is happy for him, but cannot help but feel lonely despite being surrounded by people who love her. Deciding she needs a new adventure, she trains hard and becomes one of the top fighters and trackers of her pack, and joins an elite team that helps alliance packs deal with rogues. She is fighting inner battles no one knows about while trying to navigate her heart to where she feels loved. Zeke, her best friend is sure to be the perfect man for her, but her heart and her wolf at are odds. While her wolf has bonded with Zeke's wolf, Adira's heart is not in it. However, when she decides to open her heart to him, she finds her mate who is already betrothed to another. Then when Adira and Zeke are taken to a secret location, the future Alpha of the Demon Wolves, who feels how strong she is, has decided that Adira should be his Luna even though he is also betrothed to another. Three men all after her, her best friend, her mate, and a ruthless Alpha. Inner battles are no longer her only worries. Can Adira figure out a way to escape this turmoil? Does she really want to escape? A young, strong, and beautiful young girl who has a dark past and now more struggles ahead of her. How will she cope with it all? "I love you, Adira. I have loved you since the first day I met you and you kicked my ass on the training field." Zeke laughed and I smiled with him. "I know you have things going on you feel like you cannot talk about, but you can talk to me." He reached for my hand and placed it on his heart. "You have me. I love you and I want you to be mine. Tell me you do not feel the same and I will stop." He searched my eyes for some resistance, but there was none. I was tired of being alone in this world, tired of feeling like I couldn't be loved. There was a great guy right here in front of me, loving me despite the blood on my hands. He saw me even when I tried my best to hide. Zeke may be my future, so why fight it? When he saw that I was opening up my heart, his hands cradled my face and he slowly started to lean down to kiss me. I relaxed, closed my eyes, and anchored my neck up to receive his kiss, but it never came. A wolf crashed into Zeke, sending us both flying in opposite directions. Zeke was on his feet in a flash, ready to shift, but I stopped him with a growl. The wolf in front of me was my mate. **Will start posting August 1st** **s*x scenes and other explicit content, reader should be at least 18** please follow my fac3b00k pag3 to get information faster. I also post pictures for character inspiration and answer messages within 24 hours :) MiaLR94 Dreame Writer

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    KIM- BLACKread4.2MParanormal

    Hazel Freeman has been an outcast all her life and it didn't help that even her mate rejected her. With the thoughts of running away and starting her life over, will she be able to withstand the new world and come back stronger than ever. This is not your typical werewolf story and never your typical rejection because there's always a story behind every rejection.