"alpha's regret luna has a son"Book Series:

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    The Soulless

    Charlotte Dareread83.7KRomance

    Her own pack sentenced her to exile because she showed mercy to a little human girl. Her protector was the one who executed her punishment and left her to die on the road. They forgot about her. They didn’t expect her to live. They didn’t expect her to fight back. But she survived and she will not stop until she finds out the truth about herself and force them to make her heart whole again. And her protector? He is the first in line to pay.

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    The Dragon Prince's Beloved

    Jannah DeeDeeread191.5KFantasy

    #Book 1; The Dragon Prince’s Beloved# #Book 2; Adored By The Dragon King# *COMPLETED* The softness of his lips made contact with mine. It was like making contact with a bolt of lightning; a static charge lit up nerve ends so fiercely that I could hear them crackle. I tried to pull away but it was already too late. His other arm had snaked around my waist to hold me firmly against him. Even as I released a protesting gasp, his dark head was still there. Oh, I tried to fight him. I twisted and turned and went through a series of denying groans and quivers, but ended up kissing him back as if I couldn't get enough of him. It was awful and I was appalled at myself, yet my mouth clung hungrily and my body yearned for more. I gave up, and it lasted for a few seconds, or so I thought. Suddenly, he let go of me, and I gasped for air, my lungs dry and starved. Eragon rested his forehead against mine, his breathing as hard as mine. This time, however, when I stared into his eyes, they were back to silver, and when I turned to look at his hand, the scales weren't there anymore. "You felt it, didn't you?" he whispered. Of course, I felt it. But this wasn't the kind of proving I had in mind. "No," I replied, and saw his gaze slid down my swollen lips. "I didn't. You're still showing me that you only need my body and not me. I won't be giving myself to someone not worthy of having me." I shoved him away, clearly, it wasn't my strength that did that, but I did, and I quickly sat up, wrapping my hands around my body. I quickly scrambled to my feet and looked at him one more time before I turned and fled away. "You just wait and see," he called. "I'm going to make you mine!" *** Captured and taken as a slave by Eragon; the handsome Dragon Prince of the Kingdom of Tanamoot, Arrelia Vincent had always thought of herself as nothing but an ordinary human. A weakling without powers. Meeting Eragon was her fate. Falling for him was unavoidable. Despite knowing that there were obstacles waiting ahead to tear their blooming love apart, Arrelia still chose to give her heart a try. But not after the dark secrets were unleashed alongside her powers. Not after she realized that a crown awaited her outside. One that would turn the table around and have her thirsting for the blood of the murderers of those who loved her. A madness driving guilt which she would live with forever. A madness which will force her glory to be placed upon the blood fountain of men. Who would save her from the chaotic state she had casted herself into? Who will lift her out of her fallen asylum? What tale does this book have to unveil?

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    With the Wrong Man


    Hannah is a 28 year old elementary school teacher who has just made the biggest mistake of her life. In a lustful haze, she has bedded her best friend's husband. Afraid, alone and pregnant, she decides to flee, taking all of her secrets with her. As her twin's age and wonder about their father, she returns, but no one could have forseen all that would happen next. Previously blessings in disguise.

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    Mafia King

    Joe Sakuraread20.0KRomance

    I glared when his hand reached again to my neck. Our faces only an inch apart. His big hand was almost wrapping it whole. His thumb massaging my throat like a feather. "And when I thrust inside of you, I want to hear you s****m my name. Every name of mine." "Dante. Adriano. Sol. Di. Angelo." His thumb stroking the center of my neck while uttering every name he owned. His eyes hooded in heat, l**t clouding the windows of his soul. "And when you c*m, it'll be Dante you moan." --- Hailynn Fleury is a talented painter. Growing up as an orphan, she and her best friend Ethan, always wanted to get back to the people that helped and cared for them. When one of her friends convinced her to auction her paintings at one of her charity events, it didn't take much persuasion knowing the money would go to the orphanage. On the night of the auction, her future took another turn when she saw a handsome man holding a g*n. Later finding out that he was a mafia boss with an intention of keeping her from thereon. Witnessing him pulling a trigger to someone would have been the mafia boss' wisest decision to never let her go. Except that he couldn't touch the girl knowing the promise he had with his cousin. Dreams of bedding the girl is no longer an option. But how will he treat his ragazza, really? Find out how both of their lives took a turn- with the aspiring artist and the Italian mafia boss.

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    The Bad boy's Redemption

    Aboyede Yahayaread17.6KYA&Teenfiction

    Eleanor Jenkins an eighteen year old girl from Manchester who had to travel across the country and live with her Aunt in America just to spite her parents for being forced to get engaged with someone she barely knew. She meets Harry, the good looking brooding melancholic who got bored of everything and everyone. The guy that rarely smiled. Soon after they crossed path, he destroyed something she cherished and her hatred for him blossomed. But, There's only a fine line between love and hate.

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    Sneaking into his heart

    H.Terraread42.9KSteamy Stories

    ***Warning: Dark romance with possibly triggering situations including dubious consent, strong language, and graphic violence Lucia Keller ‘Adriano Cavarelli’ the most powerful and feared man in the country who single-handedly took control and ruled over the mafia world. He has been the focus of my obsession for years. I lived and breathed for him. I dirtied my hands and indulged in all sorts of macabre schemes just so I could get close to him. After years of striving, I succeeded. Presenting myself to him as a wolf in sheep's clothing... a major key to expand his empire, warding off all his enemies. Yet all this is just a pretense to cover my main objective, which is revenge. I will stop at nothing until I have seen him dead. But why is it that the closer I get to him, the more I'm unwilling to accomplish my task? Still, it's too late to back down as the one thing Adriano doesn't tolerate... is betrayal. Adriano Cavarelli I lived in a world where you can only rely on your own hands to achieve what you want. Ruthless, Merciless, Cruel, Monstrous... those characteristics were my companions on my road to secure the most powerful position for myself, and I'll always cling to them. The people around were just pawns to be used, then discarded, trust never even being in the picture. Then this girl came into my life and the very sight of her intrigued me, setting my nerves aflame. I tried to stay away, only to grow more obsessed. If avoiding her doesn't work, then I'll indulge... in her. She will become the first person I ever placed my trust in. She'd better always remain loyal to me otherwise, I will unleash hell. I was never a good person, after all.

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    Sweet Temptation

    P. A. Thomasread2.8KRomance

    The ruthless psychopath Ricardo Ruiz has captured me for thirty days. I’ve heard rumors of what he’s capable of. He’s the heir of the brutal crime family that runs this town. The dark-haired and green-eyed demon. My seductive psychopath makes me believe in one thing then punishes me the next. I feel like Beauty being locked up by the Beast in his castle. But unlike her, the Beast, Ricardo Ruiz isn’t making candlelight dinners and making me feel like a woman. He locks me in a dungeon and throws away the key. I’m his prisoner. His captive. At his mercy for thirty days. He said hitting his car came at a price. And that price was me. Sweet Temptation is created by P.A. Thomas, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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    The Kings' Broken Mate


    One half of her soul ruled by the chaotic energy of the storms she creates and the other half of her soul governed by the frigid fury of confinement, can Remington find harmony with her wolf before the power consumes her? With the fate of Regnum Abolitis, The Kingdom of the Forgotten, thrust on her shoulders when she finds not one, but two Kings are fated to her she must find understanding, balance, acceptance, and loyalty if there is any chance of saving the kingdom from war. Facing treachery in their midst and the threat of rejection the road to peace and sweet love will be anything but easy. ‐------------------------------------------------------------------------- There’s a shared phenomenon many people experience at one time or another in their lives thanks to natural human experience. It pops into your mind unprovoked like you have unlocked a hidden quest during your main story line. Whatever actions or choices you were facing just a moment before seem to suddenly seem so vital, the world narrowing its focus to what you do next. Time slows, your breath catches, blood pounds in your ears, and even your bones hum with this single universal truth… This is finally the moment the path you’ve walked comes to a head, with the promise of sweet rewards or brutal consequences. This moment, though shared across time and space, is different for everyone. For some it’s a moment of great success and for others a moment of great triumph. Maybe it’s a moment of survival or sacrifice. For me, it had been a moment of radical acceptance and misplaced sacrifice. "It's o-over... I can't hurt-t y-you any... anymore." With that the darkness took over and I let myself fall into the void. It was different this time, knowing it was finally the end of all our suffering.

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    Billionaire's Unwanted Baby


    In a dark cold night, a woman decides to end her life and attempt suicide. She did not expect that a Billionaire would save her from that fall. What is the reason for her to attempt suicide? What will happen when a Billionaire decides to save her? What will happen when two ill fate meets? When Universe decides to give a second chance to someone who needed it the most? Something good or something bad?

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    The Luna Within

    Anita Feslerread19.0KFantasy

    !!COMPLETED!! ~♡ BOOK 1 of the Supreme Series♡~ **WARNING ⚠️ THIS CONTENT IS FOR READERS 18 YEARS OR OLDER** Persephone is a young werewolf who has nothing, not even the knowledge that she is a werewolf. Escaping from abusive foster homes, she wandered into the Evergreen pack by accident. Persephone has finally discovered this new world around her and inside of her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much time to feel excited for it. Not only does she have to fight for her place within this new world and find a way to make a home; she has to fight everyone that wants to exploit her true nature. But are they ready for the Luna within her to be released? Apollo is a very strong wolf who is the next in line to be Alpha of the Evergreen Pack. He is handsome and charming, but arrogant and chauvinistic. What happens when a young she-wolf walks into his life and challenges everything? Not only does she challenge every mindset he’s ever had about how packs have been ran, but she also challenges the character within himself? Will he submit to the changes, or will his Alpha pride get in the way of who he is deep inside? What happens when everything comes to light from both sides? Who will be the real hero?