"private strippe"Book Series:

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    Her only Alpha


    Lying here in his arms, I feel safe. My wolf is delighted as she purrs at being close to Adrian. I wriggle free from his grip, but just as I feel I am free, I hear him say... "Where are you off to princess...It's still dark... is everything alright?" "Yes, I just need to go to the bathroom quick." Adrian always makes me feel safe... but he never allows me to feel free. I feel trapped by him. He rolls over and falls asleep again in an instant. This is my chance! No!... He is our Alpha! my wolf beggs I know he is, but I would be his Luna or his escapee... never his captive. I say decidedly I grab my phone, and slip on my joggers... Sneaking towards the concealed door I had used before... I take another deep breath. Don't leave me now. I need you. I ask my wolf. But she remains silent. Gently closing the door behind me, I start to run. I find myself running towards the clearing where the festival was held less than a week ago... in a sense I was running from Adrian and towards him at the same time, as I am drawn to the place where I first met him. Do you think I am making a mistake? Yes, without a doubt. She answers in short. I ran past the tall trees surrounding his mansion, leaped over the dirt road we drove on, over boulders and furrows until I reached it... I stop in my tracks, falling to my knees in the sand crying... but then I stop crying instantly as I feel eyes on me. Then, walking out from under the cover of the trees I see him... in his hand a hunting rifle.

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    Contract Marriage


    In which a man and woman in needs for help. When they found one another, the world just collided. Tio Brooke Harlington is in need for help. So is Vita Caroline. Tio and Vita somehow crossed each other path. In this critical condition, they both agreed to help each other but on a deal.

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    Taming the Boss

    Jess Stormread8.9KLGBT+

    l***q+ Stary Writing Academy 3 writing contest _ How do you deal with a woman that only wants your body and in secret? Do you treat her like the rest and just ignore her, or do you try and get her out of her shell? Kris has to find a way to deal with this question when she starts her new job and her ice queen boss, Alexi catches her eye.

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    Tanya, b**m Erotica

    SJ Lewisread21.5KSteamy Stories

    Tanya is a tall, striking young blonde who has learned that she can live in luxury by being a serial mistress to wealthy men. Always playing the field, she never stays with any one man for very long. However, she makes a crucial miscalculation when she publicly spurns the son of a rich and powerful man, who is now out for revenge. He seeks the help of Grigori, an expatriate Russian who makes a living capturing, enslaving and training pretty young women for sale as s*x slaves. He wants Grigori to do all that to Tanya, asking only that he be provided with videos of her debasement. Wary at first, Grigori accepts after seeing the beautiful, bitchy Tanya working a party for her next wealthy prey. There's plenty of money to be made from her, from his client first, and even more when he sells a broken and trained Tanya at auction. While Tanya is adept at avoiding the usual traps, the highly skilled Grigori is a professional like none she's ever encountered. She's soon taken to an isolated manor house where the breaking and training begins. Scared but defiant, Tanya quickly learns that any refusal to obey will be met with punishment and pain. She's kept naked, sometimes bound but always collared, and moves from one cell to another crawling behind her captor at the end of a leash. Bit by bit, she's reduced to a compliant if unhappy slave. She's publically humiliated, used by men before an audience, taught techniques for fellatio, which she abhors, then is made to suffer more indignities at the hands of a skilled and merciless older woman who she must call 'Mistress'. Soon, the videos that Grigori provides are not enough to satisfy his obsessed client. He wants her in the flesh and will stop at nothing to have her. However, even in the most repulsive circumstances, Tanya's still scheming to turn the situation to her advantage. Popular author SJ Lewis takes a departure from his usual consensual erotica, penning his first nonconsensual b**m story.

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    The Green Bush Erotica Collection Volume 22

    Elliot Silvestriread8.0KSteamy Stories

    Double deuces! Elliot Silvestri and Grace Vilmont give up three of their best novellas with this collection of the world’s finest erotica. Silvestri’s Sugarman’s Milk and Pain and Lactation both explore the extremely kinky world of adult nursing relationships and male obsession with human breast milk. Vilmont offers an exploration of an almost magical kingdom on a faraway island with A Lady’s Slave. Total length is 124,000 words. This collection is intended for adult audiences.   Content warning: features erotic lactation, graphic s*x, group s*x, lesbian s*x, strong language, adult nursing relationships, erotic situations not all members of the public will enjoy, cheating spouses, b**m, gay s*x, lesbian s*x, bondage and discipline, group s*x, female dominance, female submission, s****l slavery, and other explicit depictions of adult sexuality. Explicit language and adult only content.   Sugarman’s Milk Jenny and Grant Sugarman are experienced swingers who hook up with a new couple. Robin and Nate Teller want to open their marriage because they’re both looking for a new erotic outlet because their relationship has become stale. What the Teller’s don’t know is the Sugarmans are in an adult nursing relationship and Jenny is more than happy to lead her new friend down that very same path.   Pain and Lactation Brenda and Vickie are two disparate souls with a strained relationship to their breasts. Brenda’s boyfriend Jason takes special delight in seeing how far he can push her limits of pain. Rob, Vickie’s husband, harbors secret kinks he fears to show his wife. By chance they find each other on the internet and begin to explore how wonderful milk and pain can be when shared with other….   A Lady’s Slave At the turn of the century Lady Jane Templeton is bored with her aristocratic life and is looking for adventures with her perverted cousin Raymond. He suggests visiting the manor house of Duke Blancbatton where indentured servants are made to serve as pleasure slaves for the aristocratic elite. Jane takes this suggestion, but not as a visiting aristo. With Raymond’s help she disguises herself as a slave and happily subjects herself to every humiliation the house guests send her way…

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    Who knew?


    Bullied all the time in school suddenly she is mated to the most handsome and cold hearten Aldrin. Lea was to experience many discoveries and life changes, she was to embark on a journey she in her wildest dreams wouldn't have imagined. She was going to change the world and make history alongside her guardian, lover, king, mate, and best friend Aldrin. She is going to gain more friends and more enemies, she is going to learn more about herself. Let's accompany her when she finds herself and learns about life and its encounters. *** He turned to look at Lea with his left eyebrow raised, " What did I say to you this morning?" Lea looked at him with wide eyes and a surprised face. "I was going to, I didn't know I had to s****m your name or something," she said sarcastically. Well, that was surprising. She was getting bolder as Julia figured. "Ha, sarcasm. I would appreciate it if you followed orders," he said sternly. He hates people who don't follow orders. It was very disrespectful and very annoying. "I am not your dog," answered Lea, Aldrin found this amusing. He loved the fact that she was challenging him. Everyone else who was not supernatural was confused. When did he become so gentle? Why was he protecting her suddenly? The others understood though, the Alpha has found his mate. They have a queen and Luna. Lea is their queen, this was surprising and strange at the same time. It was not common for Alphas to be mated to humans especially a king. "Keep that mouth of yours running and you will be punished." his eyes twinkled with mischief and Lea found herself blushing, confusing enough she was curious what would be her punishment be. Maybe he would s***k her. PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE EXPLICIT/////EROTIC EVENTS IN THIS BOOK. READ AT YOUR DISCRETION.

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    ONE CRUEL NIGHT (Cruel Prequel)

    K.A. Linde read1.7KRomance

    A heart-stopping sexy contemporary romance prequel to_x000B_ USA Today bestselling author K.A. Linde's new Cruel Trilogy. I spot the mysterious stranger across the party. I’d seen him in the park, writing furiously in his worn leather notebook. He’s pure confidence, born and bred in high society with eyes like a hawk—observant, cunning, and wicked. With sensual lips and a body made to worship, he’s exquisite. A work of art. While I’m young, innocent, and completely out of my depth. But I’m drawn to him. Captivated by his approach. When he asks for one night, I have only one word for him. Yes. One summer in Paris. One night with him. One cruel night.

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    Walk of two lives

    Loraine Katread22.4KRomance

    I live two different worlds one am a stripper the other am a personal assistant , my new boss doesnt know my partime job , how will he react ? He's very dominant and tough my side job will not put a smile on his face. Reina is just a regular girl working two jobs a stripper and a personal assistant , trying to make ends meet until she meets the billionaire Salvador who is drawn to her impeccable beauty and smart mind . He is a playboy with the thirst to have her . She is his weakness . book cover courtesy of me

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    House of Slaves

    Lizbeth Dusseauread2.2KSteamy Stories

    Sarah Strathorn thought she had the perfect Dominant submissive relationship with her husband, Alexander, until he turned his home into a house of slaves. He's a wealthy and powerful businessman who rules his world, and his wife, with an iron fist. Now, Sarah must compete with a bevy of beautiful female acquisitions, including Chloe who seems to have captured Alexander's heart as much as his sexually dominant desires. Angry with this sudden change, Sarah strikes out on her own. She becomes the submissive lover to a renowned playwright Jeremy Loudon, then, filled with s****l guilt, she lets a casual acquaintance with a mysterious and domineering stranger turn into a torrid night of reprisal, punishment and s*x. Sarah is further distraught when Jeremy demands she divorce her husband. She doesn't know where to turn, until she recalls the stranger's business card Martin Finch, Attorney at Law. Seeking Martin's assistance, Sarah tells the man halftruths and tall tales, too embarrassed to disclose that she is as much a slave to Alexander as his other females in his house. She fails to tell him that ten years before she willingly gave her husband ultimate power over her life. In his mind she's no more than a piece of property to be used or discarded at will. When Alexander discovers her plans to divorce him, he swiftly acts, driving her to his feet again. Cruelly punished and forced to serve him and his slutty acquisitions, she finds her most depraved desires quickly resurrected. But the conniving Chloe has plans to destroy the current Mrs. Strathorn. Is it possible that with Alexander's connections in the underground slave trade, he would dare sell her? Or will he simply keep her slavishly serving in his house of slaves? She's been curtly dismissed by her lover, she's infuriated her attorney, and now any hope for rescue from this bed of thorns looks hopelessly bleak.

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    Touch Me Between My Legs

    Kathleen Hoperead9.7KLGBT+

    It started as an ordinary day at the grocery store. Boring as usual. Mrs. Miller came for her pills and footpads at eleven. Mrs. Chambers dropped in at twelve-thirty and poked around as usual, hoping something would happen to give her something to gossip about. And Amy sat at the front counter, watching all of this nothingness unfold, fighting off the urge to take an eight-hour nap. But at 12:45 something happened to wake her up and give Mrs. Chambers an actual reason to gossip. The mystery lady strolled in. Amy snapped at attention, watching her every move with wide-eyed curiosity. The lady’s petite but curvy frame was wrapped in black leather and lace. Her boots climbed nearly to her knees while her miniskirt didn’t quite get that far. Amy noted a bright red shade of lipstick on her full lips and hair that curled almost halfway down her back. Her look was racy for so early in the day. And for Crimson Valley, South Dakota, it was downright scandalous.   She strutted through the breakfast aisle, whistling to herself like somebody without a care. Then she studied the...