"parallel world pharmacy"Book Series:

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    Two Worlds; The Collision


    Book 4 of the Kingdom Series Status: Complete Sage had always lived his life by a code. He’d always be there for Falyn, his little sister, and he’d always protect her, no matter what. Growing up best friends with an Assassin wasn’t easy for the next heir of the Dragon Kingdom, especially since all Sage secretly wanted was to be out having adventures with the others, instead of being stuck in the kingdom. Sage grew up shoving his longings down inside him, doing his best to please his parents, knowing that there was no choice but to be what they wanted him to be. Until Sage turned twenty, and everything came crashing down. A villain from another dimension came into his world, leaving it in confusion and havoc. Not only did Amari leave behind bodies in her wake, but she partnered up with another evil. They abducted his sister right from under Sage’s nose. Determined to save Falyn, he used his element and grabbed someone from Amari’s kingdom, hoping for someone who can help him fight the evil that came from their dimension. What Sage didn’t expect was Him. Rhys grew up surrounded by love, raised not just by his parents, but by those in the pack around them as well. Rhys was just a baby when Amari ran amok in his world, and there wasn’t very much he knew about her despite stories. However, once he got pulled through to the other dimension, there was no turning back. Despite a good life; he was bored; Rhys dreamed he could live in the adventure his parents had lived in once before. In spite of his confusion and the stark differences of their cultures, Rhys goes along with what Sage wants, willing to help him hunt down evil and save his sister from their clutches. Quick-witted and resourceful, Rhys faced life undaunted, which astounds Sage, who learns that underneath the easygoing, happy-go-lucky stranger, Rhys was not that different from him.

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    Two Worlds; True Mates


    Book 5 of the Kingdom Series Status: Complete Falyn thought everything was perfect in her life. Her brother left, but he was happy wherever his heart was. She was content with her future. The future Queen of the Dragon Kingdom, head of the alliance, and she was ready. Not only that, but Falyn was happy. She found her mate, a mysterious and handsome man named Arlo, who had lost his family half a year earlier. She was ready to inherit the crown, to become Queen, and for her mate to become the King of the Dragon Kingdom. Falyn was happy, prepared for everything. Until she met him… Cain never felt contented, never felt like he truly belonged in his pack, despite how happy everyone was. No matter what they said, no matter where he went, he always felt like his past was following him like a dark shadow that he’d never be able to escape from. It was a mistake; they said. He was a child; they said. It didn’t matter what they said, he still did it, and because of that, he hated himself. Living his life closed-off, barely letting anyone in, he constantly got into fights with his loved ones. Then he met her, the beautiful, mysterious woman he felt the mate pull with, and without a moment’s pause he followed her, to a new world, a new dimension, and a future unknown awaiting him.

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    Otherworld Adventure


    It was the year 2023 on Earth, on the afternoon of a normal day, the Earth was suddenly enveloped by an unknown light that mysteriously transferred the human population into another world. This story begins with a pitiful boy who was reluctantly forced into accepting his family's martial inheritance after his siblings turned it down. Who would have thought that this very inheritance would be extremely useful in the world he would be transported to. Separated from his family, he was thrown into a forest of an unknown world alongside his friend and pet, Silver. This is the story about the adventures of the boy, Cecil, and his pet wolf, Silver, in the world of Alterna.

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    Two worlds


    High school and all that comes with being a teenager. Friendship and love. Emma Adams thinks that she has everything figured out, like any other naive teenager in high school, she doesn't know how wrong she is. Follow Emma's journey her senior year of high school, laugh with her, cry with her and be angry with her. Live with Emma and her friends in a big house their senior year. ____________________________________________________________________________________ "We're really graduating today, aren't we?" I ask. "Yes, we are", Julia says smiling at me. "Four years and now we're graduating. This last year flew by though, right?" "Yeah, no kidding, it flew so fast", I say standing up. "But I'm glad I had you by my side all the four years". Julia stands up, still smiling at me. "Me too", she says and hugs me. "You're always going to be my best friend, no matter where life takes us". "You're always going to be mine too", I say. "I love you Jules". "I love you too Em".

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    Princess of Two Worlds

    Melissa Callahanread4.1KFanfiction

    As the palace was being attacked, Kaya only two days old was being secretly whisked away by her Nanny and her guard. Her parents, Queen Hannah and King Alexander were both Primordials. Their blood came from the first of their kind. Hannah was a primordial were and the King was a primordial Vampire making Kaya the only Primordial Vamp were known to exist. Kaya's safety was of most importance for both the werewolves and the vampires along with all of the other Supernaturals within their kingdom. So as Kaya was being taken to be hidden in Greece with her uncle, Kaya's parents were being Murdered by Kaya's cousin Elana. Now seventeen years later Kaya must face her cousin Elana in a fight to regain her throne as it was meant to be before her blood thirsty crazy cousin along with a powerful dark witch kill everyone within the kingdom to try to fulfill their thirst for blood.

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    A Whole New World

    Alyssa Danielsread4.3KSteamy Stories

    After escaping an abusive marriage, Amanda finds herself a single mom at 40 and facing many changes in her life. Moving to the city, she discovers that there is more to life then preconceived notions of how you should spend your time and with who. What she found was a whole new world of possibilities she never even imagined and it was intoxicating. She soon struggled with ghosts from her past who threatened everything that she had built for her and her son. Desperate to make a life safe for her son, she is faced with the decisions she never wanted to think of again. Will she make a stand and fight or will she run and hide only to live her life in fear.

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    The World beyond

    Deborah D.read2.6KYA&Teenfiction

    As time passes I wander throughout my school, never really feeling like I fit in there, always waiting for our next time to move to a new city, starting all over again. This time everything is different, I'll turn 18 in a couple of months and a whole world I believed to be in fairy tales turns out to be real. My parents always hid the truth for me, but now it's my time! Mary is a student in high school, she never fitted in anywhere, but when she moves and starts at a brand new high she learns about a whole new world, full of supernatural beings, finally she feels like she belongs somewhere. Watch her as she meets new creatures, finds love and finally finds out why she felt so out of place. A fight is coming, will this prophecy come true? Will she make the decision her heart tells her to do? Read on and find out Mary her story! Also part of the Girl-Power Rebirth of the heroine contest Copyright ©️ Deborah D. All rights reserved. This story is signed and published on Dreame and Dreame alone.

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    Light and Night: Across Two Worlds

    Glow Peridoteread1.2KFantasy

    When Night People, The Mighty Mahaa Race, was almost extinct and hunted as an object of research, Aya had to escape and learn to become The Leader to end the endless suffering and bloody wars. “We must KILL their Leader! We must KILL Aya! They are the Night People! Their superpower can kill us all, Light People!” "What a fool!" said Prince White while standing still beside Aya full of faith. Aya smiled full of confidence as she faced those who were scared of her. "I am not a Light People nor a Night People. I am a descendant of Light and Night. I am both! To end this endless bloody war, I will unite this world with my own hands!" And all of them were blinded by an extremely bright burst of green light. It’s gonna be EPIC FANTASY ADVENTURE!

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    Torn Between Both Worlds

    Their favorite blondread1KParanormal

    A simple human girl who didn't know her potential till she moved to a town. Avilla has always thought of herself as an ordinary human, but all that changed when she stumbled on her aunt's secret. It opened a lot of secrets and forced her to accept her nature. Being rejected means, you have to stop living in the werewolf world but not when you have a hybrid who finds her second chance in the arms of a vampire.

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    System: Game World


    Hidden under this seemingly prosperous modern world is a desolate and broken civilization, recovering from a deep wound. In this resource-poor world, natural resources are scarce and people compensate with strange alloys made of energy called 'Flux'. What's more, looming over this peaceful scenery is these strange invasions of mutated creatures, capable of destroying buildings in a split second. No one knows what life was before the Great Destruction, survivors from this era picked up some knowledge before rebuilding civilization creating this weird world where some fields are extremely advanced while others lag behind by three hundred years. Monarchy and Religion prevails in this seemingly modern world and powerful beings called 'Orderers' who protects the land that humanity has claimed are so powerful and their status so respected that it seems that they were simply a higher species than the common man. Inequality is so huge but nothing can be done, in front of those evolved humans, number is meaningless. Because they are stronger, capable of wiping out entire armies, they are respected and feared From the ruins, ashes flutter and is reborn again. Three continents still exist in this planet, namely: Brokang Continent, named after the first conqueror and savior of humanity's dynasty; the Holy Continent, where the Sacred Spirit, lies and is worshipped and the Higher Dimensional Continent where even to this day, is the major forefront and battlefield between the creatures from the void and humanity. In an outer city of the Brokang Empire, a youngster is struck by a rock and mysteriously gains a System that comes with a world where resources are plentiful and another power system that can give Orderers a run of their money! Let us see what the main character can do in this chaotic era disguised as an orderly one, where mutated beasts run amok and human figures scheming against each other for more power and benefits, where unethical laws are put as well-intentioned