The World beyond

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As time passes I wander throughout my school, never really feeling like I fit in there, always waiting for our next time to move to a new city, starting all over again.

This time everything is different, I'll turn 18 in a couple of months and a whole world I believed to be in fairy tales turns out to be real. My parents always hid the truth for me, but now it's my time!

Mary is a student in high school, she never fitted in anywhere, but when she moves and starts at a brand new high she learns about a whole new world, full of supernatural beings, finally she feels like she belongs somewhere. Watch her as she meets new creatures, finds love and finally finds out why she felt so out of place. A fight is coming, will this prophecy come true? Will she make the decision her heart tells her to do? Read on and find out Mary her story!

Also part of the Girl-Power Rebirth of the heroine contest

Copyright ©️ Deborah D.

All rights reserved.

This story is signed and published on Dreame and Dreame alone.

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Chapter 1 - The beginning
"MARY" I hear my mum scream at me from down the stairs, I look at my alarm, 07:03 AM it says. "Ugh, Coming!" I yell down. Today is the day we are finally leaving this hell hole of a town and time to relocate somewhere more relaxing. I'm Mary, 17 years old, natural blonde and not skinny nor fat. All my life I never really felt like I fitted in. However, now we are moving to some place I never even been before, but my parents told me I'm going to love it there. I look around my room, boxes everywhere and the company moving our stuff should arrive in about half an hour. I put on my sweatshirt, don't bother to change clothes right now, I need some f*cking coffee asap... "Morning dear" my dad says as I walk to the coffee maker. "Morning" I mumble as I wrink my eyes. I grab a nice cup of coffee and sit down the kitchen table. "So dad, why is mom so worked up about the move?" I ask him. "Well, mom is dying to start moving, we really hope to give you a nice new start babygirl. Hopefully you're gonna love your new school and make some friends there" he said as I grabbed myself a cigarette. Before I could even light it up, my mom dashes into the kitchen "Oh hell no! Move your ass outside NOW! You know how I feel about you guys smoking inside the house." she gives me a stern look and I grab my coffee and dsd walks outside with me. As soon as I finished my coffee and my cigarette, I walk into the house, run underneath the shower, get dressed in my jeans, black tank top and matching black Converse sneakers. I put my hair up in a messy bun, like I always do. I take another look at my room, thinking to myself What the hell can I expect. Hopefully this next school isn't going to be so f*cking boring and let's hope my new room is a bit bigger. I put my last stuff in the last boxes and as soon as I finished up, the movers come in my house and start picking up our stuff and load them in the truck. Mom kisses me on my forehead. "Hunny, drive with your dad to our new home, take a look at you new room. When I get there we can start buying paint and all to make it you own place. Okay baby?" she says to me and looks me straight in my eyes. "Sure mom" I say as I walk outside, lighting up another cig. As soon as I look up my dad comes walking over to me. "Ready Mary?" he asks, I just nod and get in his Jeep. "Dad, can we stop near the store? I need some new cigarettes" I ask my father. He looks at me, gives me a warm smile, "Sure we can babygirl. As long as you get me one as well" he says and gives me a wink. I start laughing and nod him a yes. As long as I can remember I've always been a Daddy's girl. Never really cared much about the stuff mom is into. My parents are married for about 18 years now, mom was pregnant with me when they got married and when I look at my parents, they just fit perfectly together. Dad is an IT consultant while Mom is an architect. She is the creative one from all of us. I look a lot like her, I have curves in the right places, my blonde hair is the same as hers, while my eyes are definitely my best feature, they're green with a hint of blue in it and my dad's best feature. Im not really tall, just a solid 1.68m and well, like I said I just love to run, fight, give my big ass mouth when the girls are calling me names. I just rather hang around boys, less drama. As we drove for a couple of hours, I just stared outside the window of the car. My eyes just grew wide as soon as we drove into a small town, Gatsonburry the sign stated. All around us were trees, forrest, a small river and beautiful houses. My father notices my excitement "Well babygirl, what do you think about our new town?" he asked as he smiled. "Damn dad, this is way better then what you described!" I yell out in excitement. The car starts to slow down a bit as we come by a huge driveway, leading to a gigantic house. I was in complete awe by the amazing view. "HOLY CRAP DAD" I yell out, he just looks at me with a warm smile from ear to ear. "You didn't tell me our new house was going to be tripple the size our old home was!" as I look at the house, the exterior was a light green, the frontyard was amazing, it had double doors at the entrance, with a three step stairs and an amazing porch. Mom already placed a table with 4 chairs and an ashtray. Mom you can read my mind.

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