"return of the disaster-class hero"Book Series:

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    Doomsday: Ultimate Survivor

    Elk Entertainmentread13.3KSuspense/Thriller

    * *DAILY UPDATE When doomsday strikes, how can you survive? Hide in your house with as much food as possible, waiting hopelessly for help? Or wander around the dangerous world for shelter while being attacked by all kinds of ferocious creatures like zombies? Or build your own new home for a possibly terrible life? You’ll never know until… Note: I'm trying hard to daily update. If you like the story, please add it to your library^^

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    Saved By The Firefighter


    Following the lives and loves of the fire fighters of a busy fire station in Sunderland, the north east of England, the book embarks on three love stories. Ben Bishop - The gentle giant of a man, who is haunted by a fire and rescue that went wrong. Suffering from PTSD, Ben only wants to return to work. That is until he is called to yet another house fire, and finds himself drawn to the young woman who he saved. Lucy Dixon - The 24 year old, carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. After her parents untimely death, she brought up her younger brother, during his troubled teenage years. Finally she starts to build a life, until the day her home burst into flames. Left with nothing, things go from bad to worse, when she also loses her job. Despite everything, she is determined to get back on her feet, but every night she dreams, not of the fire, but of the man who rescued her. Davey Brennan - The 32 year old, who went grey at the age of 19, is a no nonscience type of man, not interested in kids, finding them to be annoying. That is until he arrives at a park where a young boy has his head stuck in the railings, and is the son of his school girlfriend. The one who got away. Kathline Brown - The fiery redhead, who is a solicitor by day and a single mum the rest of the time. Bringing up her 6 year old boy Andy all alone. Kathline makes it work, but has no time for romance, until her first boyfriend Davey arrives to rescue her son from being trapped in the railings. Josie Edwards - The blonde bombshell, is kind and welcoming to everyone, the only female crew member on "Red Watch." She is loved by everyone, but although she is kindness personified, her passion for her work comes first. Her pet hate is those who disregard fire safety, so when she meets the sexy CEO of a company who disregards the fire laws, the mild mannered beautiful girl turns feisty and is determined not to let him get under her skin. Anders Maxwell - The 29 year old CEO is a self made man, arrogant and proud. Desperate to have the building he is renting for his new business venture gain it's fire certificate, he butts heads with the gorgeous firefighter. Not used to women resisting him, he finds himself in the unusual position of wanting to know this girl, to break her resolve to have nothing to do with him. His thoughts are plagued with her, unable to get her out of his head, can he change his ways, for a chance with the woman who is driving him all kinds of crazy.

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    Reborn: Age of Heroes

    Matthew Spadesread3.1KFantasy

    Eighteen-year-old Samuel Strongheart was making bread when a scorpion-like demon invaded his home. Samuel scrambles to the living room only to see the nightmarish abomination making its way to kill his mother and father. Armed with nothing but a rolling pin, he dies saving his parents. As if by some miracle, Samuel finds himself resurrected in a barren wasteland. Desperate to find his way back home, he wanders the hellish dimension. He meets Amias, a trapped Soul who guides him in a quest to escape Hell and save humanity together with other resurrected humans: Lyana Teresi, a Greek huntress, and Magat Karagatan, a tribal chieftain. Will a baker’s son be able to defeat the King of Hell? Will the team be able to unite despite their differences? Or will the Demon King get to them before they fulfill the Divine Quest? Reborn: Age of Heroes A 'Becoming Chaos' Spinoff

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    Raising a Hero

    T.S. Loweread4.5KNewAdult

    She had only wanted to have a working marriage and a happy family. All of her efforts had been towards that goal. Despite that, her husband leaves her for another woman after the loss of her unborn child, and just as she starts to pick herself up, she dies in a car accident. But this isn't the end of her story. Her spirit is picked up by her brother. He happens to be a beginner god who needs help raising the hero who is supposed to save his fledgling world. Thinking he is offering her a long-sought-after opportunity to be a mother, she readily agrees, and he sends her down to his world with the gift of healing and a Methuselah grade body to aid her on her quest. She quickly finds her little boy and is overjoyed to have someone to love and baby at last. But this hero doesn't want her as his mother. He wants her as something else. Suggested for ages 14+. Raising a Hero is created by T.S. Lowe, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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    The Wounded Hero

    Marysol Jamesread3.2KRomance

    Four years ago, Keegan Sinclair returned from Afghanistan a very different man: left with one leg, a heaping pile of rage and regret, and no sense of what to do with himself next. Hard work and sheer will have brought him to the place that he is now, but still alone. One night he meets Trish and decides to try - yet again - to see if a woman can look past what he is missing and see all that he is. Trish Montgomery is a woman who is in the process of rebuilding her whole life, not altogether successfully. She's survived her brutal childhood, she's moved beyond her alter-ego Thalia Flame, and she's (finally!) working a job where she can keep clothes on. But Trish has a secret, and she's still paying for the mistakes of her past. Trusting themselves and each other is a tall order, but they decide to try and share their truest selves one piece at a time. Can they accept each other, flaws and all? The Wounded Hero is created by Marysol James, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.

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    Beautiful Disaster

    J.M. Snyderread1.5KLGBT+

    "Twenty year old Corey Evans is one-half of 2ICE, the biggest duo on the radio at the moment. Pronounced twice, they're number one on the Billboard charts this week with their latest single. And number one in download sales, with two albums that have already gone platinum, to hear their manager tell it. And currently on their second U.S. tour, which has sold out stadiums across the nation. Despite this, there's an emptiness inside him which Corey can't seem to fill, no matter how many groupies he takes to his bed. He sees this same emptiness mirrored in the eyes of his band-mate, Ian Coltraine, who drowns his evenings after each show with a bottle of whiskey. Ian's the one Corey turns to when he wakes beside an unknown fan, still asleep in his bed and needs help evicting her. He's Corey best friend, the only person on the tour he can confide in, who he really trusts ... The one, Corey finally realizes, with whom he is madly, deeply, terribly in love. And he suspects Ian might feel the same. But his recent string of one-night stands makes Ian cautious about Corey's true feelings. He's wanted Corey for so long, and has watched him go through countless fans in search of ... what? Ian doesn't know. And he doesn't yet believe Corey when he says Ian might be it. Ian hopes so, but can't bring himself to believe Corey's fickle desire won't be gone in the morning. Can these two young men somehow move beyond Corey's past and Ian's pain to embrace a love they both so desperately desire?"

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    Deirdre O'Dareread1.3KLGBT+

    "Although veterinary technician Carlton is violently allergic to cats, he loves them with an undying passion, enough to tolerate miserable symptoms to keep working with the felines in the San Maribal Zoo. The cheetahs especially fascinate him. Then he meets a mysterious stranger who is evasive about why he’s in the zoo -- nude and after hours! This man tells Carl there’s a cat inside him wanting to get out. That sounds really crazy, and the suggested way to make it happen even crazier ... but exciting. Zyl is a member of the ancient shifter tribe, or Were-Kind. His people are working to enforce humane treatment of animals and save endangered species. Hearing of a planned raid by an extreme animal rights group to free the denizens of zoos, they realize this will a real catastrophe. Joining forces with regular humans to avert the problem will mean “coming out” as the powerful beings they are. Again, a potential disaster. Attracted to Carlton against his better judgment, Zyl teams up with the vet tech he meets under awkward circumstances only to discover a valuable ally and a soul mate."

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    Once Upon A Rescue

    Kait Nolanread1KRomance

    As director of the local animal shelter, Brooke Redding is used to being the one doing the rescuing. But when a freak winter storm endangers her animals with sub-freezing temperatures and enough snow to constitute a Mississippi blizzard, she’s in the market for a miracle. Hayden Garrow wants nothing more than to be her hero. With four-wheel drive, an empty barn, and a crush on Brooke that goes back to junior high, he’s got a plan to save all her furry charges. They’ve just got to survive icy roads, canine labor, and a pair of matchmaking octogenarians to get there. What’s the worst that could happen in this snowbound Southern romance?

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    Rescued By a Bad Boy

    Kait Nolanread1KRomance

    What's a little marriage between friends? Mia has been Braxton's best friend for years. Even when they no longer lived in the same foster family, even after he'd aged out of the system, he'd continued look out for the one person who got under his skin and made him care. For the last six years, Mia's been keeping her head down, putting one foot in front of the other, unable to trust anyone with her secrets—including the foster brother who's been the one bright spot in her life, as well as her secret crush. Just one more day until Mia turns eighteen—a legal adult. Brax doesn't trust her foster father and wants her out of that house. Is proposing a marriage of convenience to your best friend a little drastic? Maybe so. But what Brax feels is so far beyond friendship. Is it possible Mia feels it, too?

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    EPIC (Him Novella)


    A short story in the USA Today bestselling HIM / US world! Jamie and Wes are having a blast living and working in Toronto. Until a scout for another team swoops in to make one of them an offer that could complicate the life they've built together.