"swordmasters youngest son chapter 23"Book Series:

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    Wolf's Heir

    Milly Weaverread500.2KParanormal

    The moment he saw her, wolf shifter Jalen Hunter knew Jassie was special. Knew he had to have her. Knew he had to claim her as his own. She was delicious, sexy, curvy… smart. His wolf clawed for her. His wolf growled for her. His wolf wanted to mate her. And what kind of shifter doesn’t listen to their animal? He was going to make her his. And not only that… …he was going to put his heir inside her. * Men like Jalen Hunter don’t pass through a gal’s life much, but we all know the type. Way too sexy for their own good. Cocky… arrogant. So bad for you they should come with a warning label. They’re the kind you want to spend one night with… …and only one night. And even then, you’re taking a risk. Jassie knew she was going to take that risk. Jassie knew it was just going to be one night. What she didn’t know was that one night was all it would take… …for the wolf shifter to put his heir inside her. * WOLF’S HEIR is a steamy, full-length paranormal shifter romance that depicts an alpha wolf shifter willing to do anything to claim his mate, a pregnancy, and closes with a happy ending.

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    Dragon's Heir

    Gena Callahanread175.0KParanormal Urban

    Getting pregnant was something Tamara didn’t ever really expect. But when she agrees to be the surrogate mother of a wealthy client, and for a hefty sum, she decides to accept. But what she doesn’t realize is that the client is a billionaire dragon shifter, a man reclusive and enigmatic, but gorgeous as sin, with eyes that seem to pierce her very soul. This dragon shifter is determined to have an heir to his empire, and for that task he has chosen Tamara to bear his child. She’s more than just a suitable candidate. She’s the woman he’s fallen in love with, one who doesn’t even know it. And he’s going to claim her as his own mate. She won’t just be the mother of his child… He’ll make her his loving, dragon’s mate… forever. Dragon’s Heir is a sexy, steamy, full-length paranormal dragon shifter romance from Gena Callahan, that features an alpha dragon shifter determined to do whatever it takes to get the woman he loves, a happily ever after, and a little dragon shifter heir.

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    The Principal's Son


    ☆Ranked 4th ,in Young adult fiction writing contest☆ (Completed) A story of two high school seniors , broken from inside trying to shield themselves from the world . Grey Emerson, the bad boy in the school , everyone wishes to stay away from me .He's a walking trouble trying to put his arrogant personality in front, drowning himself in his own pieces of misery Laine Summers , a girl trying to adopt a new life after the accident leaving her life , changed , upside down A popular cheerleading captain , now repeating her senior high school year . The girl who walked like she owned the place, like a diva, now covers her face with a hood wanting no one to talk to her or notice her existence The stitches on her leg , the fact that she can't get on the stage again, she fails to accept herself ,her newly formed flaws ♡♡♡♡♡ She hates him but he's not ready to leave her alone Not until she accepts herself

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    The Warrior's Child (Completed)

    T. Nikkiread39.4KFantasy

    In a world where Warrior wolves are a special breed born with the Warrior's Spirit, the moon goddess doesn't award Warriors with fated mates. Most Warriors focus all of their energy on their training instead of taking a chosen mate. A one night stand under the moon between Warrior Abe and Dr. Clara brought them Kamaria. They weren't looking for love amongst each other and decided to raise their daughter between their two separate packs, making her a rogue by definition. Kamaria grew to have the Warrior's Spirit like her father, but she rejected her role and moved to London to live a normal human life. When her father is killed in a mysterious attack she returns home to find that the moon goddess made an exception. She does indeed have a mate. Not just any mate, but the Alpha of her father's pack. Will Kamaria find out who is behind her father's death? Will she accept the mate bond? Or will she reject it to go back to her quiet, human life?

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    Seducing The Heir

    Matthew Spadesread62.2KRomance

    Emily Harper is living her dream job as the secretary of New York's richest business tycoon, Mr. Lucas McMillan Sr. Her career is going smoothly until one night, she attends her company's month-end party where she gets drunk. Piss-drunk. In her self-indulgence, she sleeps with the one man she promised herself she would avoid at all costs. Ryan Lucas McMillan, Jr. The billionaire heir to the McMillan Global Industries. The next day when she returns to her unit, she sees Ryan still in her bed, half-naked. What is she supposed to do? Ryan wants more of her. He wants to claim her as his, but she doesn't want him. As if things aren't bad enough, Ryan's father strikes her with an offer no other woman could refuse. "Seduce my son and make him fall in love with you." What is Emily going to do? Will she deny Mr. McMillan Sr's dying request? Or will she do her best to seduce the billionaire heir? --------------- *Excerpt* I walked further into my unit and my eyes widened at what I saw. Why the f**k is he still in here? Ryan Lucas McMillan Jr, the billionaire heir to the McMillan Global Industries of New York was half-naked on the bed. Dropping my things to the floor, I rushed toward him. "Get out," I mustered all the fake courage I had within me. "Please, Mr. McMillan," I added, remembering that the gorgeous man before me was my employer's playboy son. "Come here, baby," he puckered his lips and blew me a kiss. I shook my head. "No." "Why not?" Rye stroked the hair that fell over his face, moving it back to the right side. I blushed and quickly looked away as he stood up. "Because I'm not your baby." "Then come over here, little minx." He smiled and opened his arms, beckoning me over. I stared at him, at his chiseled chest and six-pack abs. I wanted to reach out and hold his body, to let him hold me, to give him a kiss… I shook my head and looked away. "No. We are not doing this again. That first time is the LAST time. It's a mistake, Rye. I won't do it again." He laughed like a child, making me look at him for a second time. My forehead crinkled as I crossed my arms over my chest, raising an eyebrow at him. "What's so funny?" Irritation crept all over me. His fresh just-got-out-of-the-bath scent didn't help. This man was driving me nuts. "You just called me Rye." His manic chuckling settled. "You never call me Rye. That means something. You're attracted to me." I squinted my eyes. "No. I'm not." "Come here, sweetheart." He stepped forward, putting a hand on my hip. I gasped, surprised by his boldness. He pulled me closer, our bodies only inches apart. His lips were so close to me I could feel his hot breath on my face. I held my breath as his hands traveled up to my breasts. "Ah, baby," he groaned. "You're beautiful. And you're mine." #Dreame Love Story Contest

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    The Forgotten Heir


    When I was a child I was a princess. A princess of two kingdoms. My father was the great Alpha King. A powerful werewolf who led all of the packs on our side of the country. And then my mother was the Queen of the Moon Elves. The elven population was constantly decreasing. So mother ruled all of the Moon Elves who wished to live in the kingdom. Their love was strong. An unlikely pair. Werewolves and the Moon Elves were once very close allies. Both being blessed by the Moon Goddess herself, their bond of friendship seemed unbreakable. But after a rogue werewolf attacked the Moon Elves, and the Elf king used his magic to separate the man from his wolf, they have had an ongoing feud. For almost a hundred years. The wolves now feared the Moon Elves. And the elves felt betrayed by the wolves. My parents wanted to end the fighting with their love. And it worked. Until my father found his true mate. My father accused my mother of trying to take his wolf from him. He took her crown, and had us both banished. He declared war on the Moon Elves. And forbade any Moon Elf from entering the Wolf Kingdom. I was four years old when my father ripped me of my title, took me out of the line of succession, and banished me to the Elf Kingdom. That was twenty years ago. And tonight was the coronation of the new wolf princess. My little brother's new bride. Every wolf was invited. Though the pointy ears may be deceiving, I was still a wolf. It was time I returned home.

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    The Master's Child

    Simone Leighread14.9KSteamy Stories

    Life is Good… Charlotte is expecting her Master’s baby. Beth is pregnant by Richard, and now Michael’s ‘Second Wife’. The Triad and the Couple are drawing ever closer. James has an ‘understanding’ with Klempner: He will stay away and allow Mitch to live her own life. Life is close to perfect. What could possibly go wrong? The Master's Child is created by Simone Leigh, an eGlobal Creative Publishing Signed Author.

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    The Gangleaders Son


    SEQUEL TO THE GANGLEADERS DAUGHTER Castiel has lived the most ordinary life a person could think of until one faithful night he's thrust into a new world of the supernatural. Throw in a family who he knew nothing about, a mate and a lie that built his entire life... "f**k this crazy s**t, I'm out." Join him on his journey for the truth and love. [B O O K T W O] You do not have to read the first book but it does make more sense if you do. Please Enjoy Dedicated to my best friend Ryley who basically sat next to me as I wrote this book in Afrikaans class, not joking about that.

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    The Arrogant Grandson


    Liam Manoban the grandson of the Royal family was asked by his mom to go back in Thailand forcedly, thinking that his Grandma is at the verge of dying. But, little did he know, that's when his life will start being miserable. at least for Liam.

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    His Rival's Daughter

    Chris Reddingread2.1KRomance

    When Brandi Marsing approaches billionaire Zach Wilder, she thinks her job is simple: gain the trust of her father’s greatest rival, and find the dirt to bring him down. Brandi is shocked to learn that the handsome Zach is a better man then she thought, despite forcing her into a fake relationship one day after meeting. Will Brandi remain loyal…or will she fall in love with the enemy? “I don’t need to force anyone into my bed, Miss Marsing.” He straightened. “This will be far more public. Probably painful for you and deliciously so for your father also.” She wanted to gag at his ego. Jail was looking better and better. “Just call the cops.” “You don’t want to hear my proposal?” he asked. “Tell me what I’m choosing between,” she demanded. “You either go to jail. Or...” He let the word hang in the air and she resisted leaning forward in anticipation. “Or, you pretend to be my fiancé.” His Rival's Daughter is created by Chris Redding, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.