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After years of war and strife, peace has been a matter of rebuilding the supernatural kingdoms, holding their borders, and keeping the peace. An expensive endeavor that bankrupted the elven kingdom of El Faeryn. The only way to save their people from being overtaken by the surrounding elven kingdoms lies in finding King Alois Faeryn's daughter, Alyssa, a noble husband of sufficient wealth, power, and loyalty.
Although Alyssa was too young to fight in the war, her father brought her up to be both a princess and an able combatant. Two of his sons died in the war, and fearing his line would end, he made sure his daughter could defend herself if the need should arise.
Teaching her the ways of war, made Alyssa strong-willed, stubborn, and unflinchingly fair with no question as to her loyalty to their kingdom or her younger brother, Edhar. She always knew she would never rule and thus a suitable marriage was arranged. Unfortunately, her fiance was ten years older than her and she would have married him on her twenty-first birthday, but he did not survive the war, dying when she was twelve.
It was not unexpected when her father announced a week before her twenty-second birthday that a suitable match for her was found. She never expected him to announce he would marry his only daughter to a werewolf. Especially not Melbourne Carthagan, second son of the infamous Malachai Carthagan. The man who conquered half the werewolf kingdoms during the war, and bought out the rest.


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Chapter 25 – Too Soon

Alyssa tossed fitfully in her sleep. Her world burned around her, but not the world of her birth—she realized this even in her dream. Something happened, and she rose from the ground and into the air as if flying.

She coughed as the breeze spiraled smoke around her, and when her lungs cleared and her eyes stopped watering, she stared a……


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