My Soon To Be Step-Brother

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When Leah Rose was just seven years old, her father walked out on her mother with a simple goodbye and no explanations for his actions.

Ten years later and he was back ,to her dismay he brought along his fiancée ,who happened to have a young son.

Despite everything Leah can't help but fall for his good looks and charms ,he was simply an expert on charming girls, but he was going to be her step brother and their relationship was f*******n.

Jace Patterson was one of the most richest and sexiest guy alive.The type of guy that girls tripped over their own feet when they saw him.No girl could resist him,he changed his girlfriends like he changed his clothes.He only ever had one love but she betrayed him.

Something changed when he met Leah Rose,he couldn't help but fall for her innocence and sweetness but unlikeall the other girls he met,his charm didn't have an effect on her....or so he thought.


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