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She wasn't sure who moved first but one moment she was standing there gawking at him and next their mouths were smashing agat each other.

She let out a loud moan as his lips touched hers. She didn't care that she was pressed agat his wet self and her robe was getting wet in the process. All that mattered was the way his lips felt agat her. She made a sound at the back of her throat as he snaked his arms agat her waist and pulled her even more closer than it was possible.

She wanted to cry, it was as if she was thirsty and he was the water and she was a man dying of hunger and he was the food. Thats how much she felt at home as his lips started moving agat hers. He opened his mouth and pressed his tongue ide her and she whimpered as their tongues battled agat each other, rolling and teasing, nipping at each other. She could still taste the chocolate on his tongue and she absolutely was addicted to it. She stifled a groan as his eyes rubbed at her side and she realised that it must hit him that she was completely bare, her nudity only covered by the silky robe.

Natasha is a acclaimed writer who has her book turned into a short story for Hulu. But then she's also working on a new novel which may kill her.

And the people who want her dead are none other than her husband's men. Apparently her husband is a mafia leader.

So after finding out that her husband gang's want to kill her what will she do? Will she be able to save her life? And will their relationship sustain this?


Tags: murderdarkpossessivelove after marriageopposites attractarrogantpowerfulmafiagangsterbxg
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