Cutting It Close! [Uncle Jesse]


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When Stephanie Tanner gets her uncle Jesse to play hair dresser he gets more than he bargained for. She ruins and accidentally cuts his perfect long hair.

Forcing him to get his hair cut drastically short. Much to short for his liking. Jesse crashes his bike on his way home from looking in the mirror at his hair do.

Hairdresser Skyler Reeves, helps poor Jesse in his time of need. Taking him and rushing to the hospital. Afterward Skyler can't help but check in on Jesse. And see how things turned out for him.

Skyler is drawn to Jesse though he has a girlfriend. She finds herself wanting more than friendship with the local rocker!!

Does he feel the same about her? Or is she cutting things close in a game called love?!!

• A Full House Fanfic!!
• Uncle Jesse!!


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Chapter 22

I lug another box into the Tanner home. I could not believe that I had a boyfriend long enough that I was moving in with Jess. This was a huge step for me. I never moved in with a guy before. I never had been engaged before.

I was going to love living with the Tanner's. I always felt so alone at m……