Captured by The Mafia

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Meet Emerald, she is She wants nothing but to live a happy peaceful life. After her parents death she faced a lot of problems but was supported by her friend. One day she crosses path with a person & her life turns upside down.

Meet Alan Lexon, he is a ruthless killer, stubborn as hell, cold hearted monster who is famous for his ways of torture & the leader of the most feared mafia gang. Everybody fears & respects him if they want to live. His mother means everything to him.

What will happens when they meet? When Alan gets to know that Emerald is the girl he was searching for. Could two broken people help each other to forget their dark past.

Join the ride to?? know the secrets and problems Emerald and Alan would face.........


Tags: MurderGangPossessiveKidnapFamilyOpposites AttractWeirdMafiaHeirTwisted
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Chapter 27

Emerald's POV:

I felt something moving under me. I shifted my face but then I felt something was poking at my cheeks. I opened my eyes and turned my face to see Alan's face. I smiled seeing that it was his beard that was poking on my cheeks. He turned towards my side and smiled looking at his sleeping self. He opened his eyes and looked at……