Crown by Reality

Sophia Psalms Royal Romance

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Snow White's lips drips with poison, that alone causes the Hunstsman of the Queen to stop in his tracks, face to face his smirk fades, her lips came to a cunning smile. Her title as the Princess may have stripped from her but the potency of her poison grew deadly and was she to allow the man to scandalously take her agat her will, she won't back down without a fight since after all, the True Mirror wouldn't work without her

The Princess Victoria of renown beauty awakes from her slumber with the ambition to conquer Kingdoms and Empires, she seeks to expand her Kingdom's power however, as the first woman to take the throne as an Empress, a reign of absolute dominance and authority must be demanded or she will be another pawn to play..

Candrila, now nicknamed as Cinderella by her cruel Stepmother and o stepsisters learns that the tragedy that fell upon her blood family were orchestrated by her Stepmother. She sets herself a plan to exact revenge: Either kill or marry the Prince.

The Princess of the Sea, Belinde unable to make her Prince fall in love became a human by day and a Siren luring men by night seeks to reverse the curse, in the process, an unexpected friendship blooms with the notorious "Pied Piper."

A small rural village in France lives a woman of beauty hungers for knowledge and Science was accused of a devil worshiper and witchcraft leading the people to sacrifice her to the Beast, the question is, why is she now wearing a red hood and now being chased by a man-wolf?

With each has it's problems, the string connects them all enabling them to meet each with each other.


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