Draco's quest


Z Ali Fantasy

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“This worthless mortal has trespassed our peaceful territory! These treacherous humans have no right to interfere with our peaceful lives. The only suitable punishment for this is a million years of hard labour!”
The judge slammed his huge gavel on his desk, making it’s sound echo throughout the atmosphere. There were cheers, and murmurs among the public who were present.
My eyes widened and my mouth dropped open. Holy cow! Were they insane? That was not even possible!
“What! A million years? I won’t even live that long!” I protested, as I struggled against the chains that bound me. But in vain. Everything was stronger than me. My protests, requests or demands will surely be ignored in this place.
“Silence!” he ordered. And clapped his hands, making me immobile. Even my tongue was tied, making it impossible for me to speak.
“Guards! Take him away!” he ordered. Soon the hovering freaks that were covered from head to toe in their hooded robes floated over to where I was held.
I felt as if the grim reaper was coming to suck my soul out of my body. I watched in utter shock as the so called guards snapped their fingers at me and the chains that bound me were no more. However I was not able to move a muscle. Nor move my tongue.
I was being taken away as their prisoner, with absolutely no hope of escaping.


Tags: twistedkickingmagical worldsuperpowerwitchcraftfaceslappingsupernaturalwarweak to strongpunishment
Latest Updated
58. For Eternity

Draco pov

I saw the healers running all around. The wound was now closed magically, however, he still appeared pale and weak. His lips were blue and his eyes were closed. The queen sat beside him, with tears streaming down her face.

“Hurry. Bring the healing soup!”

“Quick. We can’t lose a single moment!”……


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