Still Broken


Brittney Paranormal

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Sequel to Abused and Broken.

"After everything I have already been through. I knew my life never slows down. I would never be free. I should have known I'd still be Broken."

After Embers life seems to be able to be normal she learns that Blaze was never really her fate. At least not the one she was originally supposed to have.

Now that other things start to play out will she choose Blaze or to save him choose another path.


Tags: forbiddenlove-trianglerapesexfamilyfatedtragedytwistedself discoverspiritual
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Chapter 59


As I carry Ember out of the underworld, I make sure the twins keep an eye on the battlefield below. I ask them to stay alert with their powers in order to keep those who belong in the underworld, in the underworld. Gently, I deliver Ember into Kieran’s arms so that he can take her back to the house an……