Whispers of revenge


Victoria Magdaleno Romance

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Would you believe me if I told you that the creatures that we all believed to not exist and that belonged only to horror tales, would walk among us? The kind of creatures that you would only see in your worst nightmares, that look at you with eyes of hunger and fury and that if you are lucky the last thing you will see are their rotting teeth.
My name is Minthe and I am one of the last generations of survivors of the Apocalypse of the year 4750.


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Chapter sixteen

Chapter sixteen.

Minthie point of view.

I am walking through the open space behind the house where we are staying these last few days. The sun is at its highest point shining brightly in the sky. I can feel its warmth on my skin. How it warms my body and brings it back to life. The field is green and smells o……