DEEP WITHIN YOU (Into the Darkness Series)

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He is Draven Gualtieri. The circumstances of his birth made him a Human Vampire. He was nurtured and trained to be the next leader of the Coven of the Mystical Vampires. In order to prove his worth, he has to fulfill a mission that will decide whether he is fit to the highest position in their clan.

He needs to find and wield the mystical sword that will bring back the Demonic Vampires into hell. But he is stubborn, carefree, and reluctant. Enjoying every woman that takes his sexual fancies is the only thing that he wants to do.

Until he met Arabella Duarte, the beautiful and captivating granddaughter of the vampire slayer that was feared in Romania many years ago. She is fierce, highly spirited and dangerous. And most of all, she owns the Ragnor.

Should Draven take the Ragnor from her or should he take her innocence? His choice will decide the fate of his clan…

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Wallachia, Romania.


            Nasisiyahang iginala ni Arabella ang mga paningin sa buong Gualtieri  Fortress. Ang sinaunang kastilyong ito na itinayo noong edad medya ay nakahimlay sa tuktok ng isang talampas at nakatunghay sa Arges Rivers na nasa paanan ng Carpathian Mountains. It was built by Draven’……