But You Lied [FILIPINO]

Nikka Anne YA&Teenfiction

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"Let me hug you…” She softly said as tears fell from his eyes that seemed to signify something. We’re out in the pouring rain and the coldness of the breeze reached my soul. I can feel the tightness of her touch that tantly gave me a feeling of heaviness.

“We always do this right?” I smiled but it seemed to not help ease what I feel right now.

“Yes, but I want to do it like this, right this time.” Her voice almost a whisper as it slowly making my knees tremble.

From the endless hugs that we’re sharing, why is this one different? I am feeling sad tead of being excited. Is she doing what I am afraid of thinking right from the very start?

(This is a tagalog story with a combination of English. Enjoy reading! :)


Tags: billionairelove-trianglepossessivefatedfriends to loversdramasweetbxg
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