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"Mr. Orlando, the custody of your son Austin Orlando has been given to Ms. Mackenzie Ziegler."

Because of hatred towards each other, two parents start an unhealthy competition to get the custody of their child.

But then Johnny's current fiancée gets missing and some psychotic behavior of Austin's character changes the whole plot. Mackenzie faces some new challenges with some cryptic messages.

Who will win this custody? And who's their new enemy trying to harm them?


Tags: BillionaireMurderLove-triangleKidnapPregnantDominantManipulativePsychoDramaTragedy
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*3 years later*

"So, ladies and gentlemen, tonight I invited you all here because I have an important announcement to make. This beautiful woman here with me, she really changed my whole life. It didn't take me long to realize that I'm actually in love with her, and I'll be also loving her for the rest of my life. This lady, Sky……