Claimed by the dark

Zara Khan Paranormal

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"You are the light to my darkness "
"Moon to my night"

All Elene remembers before losing consciousness amidst trembling ground and blinding thunder is the tall silhouette of a man and a fleeting glance of his cold, handsome face.

When her sick mother goes missing......
She is certain he has her.

Running away from the mysterious stranger doesn't seem like an option anymore,
To find her mother she will have to seek him out.

Swept into his world of dark allure and terror....

Will his darkness drown her?
Will she embrace it?


Tags: ActionAdventureDarkPossessiveAge GapKingQueenDramaTwistedBxG
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" Mom ,Seriously !"  

I ask horrified looking at the long dress with the weirdest red ,blue and green patterns

" What's wrong ? It makes me look all witchy" She says holding the dress to herself in front of the mirror

I sigh .

When she got back from the Underworld she realised that she suddenly had ' Future ……