Treacherous Court

Kizza Lozano Fantasy

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100 years ago, there was a decree from The Legends. A girl with fire in her veins will save the Kingdom of Nister against its enemies. The Crown Council made a law, the girl must marry the next King to sustain the safety of the Kingdom.

Elizabeth, the peasant girl who thought she was just an ordinary girl from a poor family. Little did she know she was the most extraordinary girl that the Kingdom needs in order to protect the people she loves.

Prince Damon, the notorious and infamous heir of King Samuel. He was supposed to marry the love of his life, Christina. Until, The Crown found the girl he was destined to marry.


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Chapter 44 - Madness



Master Gregory, Jehaerys and Daemon were as surprised as I was. Even I can’t believe what I am seeing. Relief flashes through me.  The damn thing is finally out of my system, and I’m finally free to return to the academy without getting murdered.

“How can……