Prophecy: Restoring the Heirs

Celeste Fantasy

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"I always felt a step out, like I don't fit, but Isla and I finally found our destiny" The Silver Back Wolves have been lost, but there is hope, a prophecy talks of in Alpha's who will lead with strength and honor but will also bring divide in the werewolf world, that is why most of the Silver Backs have been killed by Alpha's, and others, used for their magical powers by power hungry Alpha's. They were discovered again one night by a chance encounter. Now David and Isla have a whole new world to discover, a whole new legacy to live up to and a whole new war to fight. Fortunately for the Silver Back they have help from a very unlikely sources. Through their journey the will discover true love, the love you can only get from a soul mate and strength, they never knew they possessed, to fight an enemy that no silver back pack has ever been able to defeat and take their werewolf packs to new power. The Silver Back Alpha's has risen again.


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