The Bad Girls, Good Boy

AyrGal89 Teen fiction

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It was only ever meant to be a game.
I was only meant to do it to prove a point.
I was never meant to fall for him.
He and I don't go, everything about it is wrong.

I was only meant to try make the good boy fall for me, I was never meant to be the one doing the falling. My plan was to break his heart, never expected he would be the one breaking mine.

“Hi.” I said sweetly, making him jump
He looked up at me, looking very confused when he seen me standing in front of him. He started looking around, checking if maybe there was someone behind him. I giggled, shaking my head
“I am talking to you Cole.” I smiled
“You are? Why?” he stuttered out
“Why not?” I asked


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Epilogue - Four years later

*** Four years later ***

Cole’s P.O.V

I was standing with Ruby’s fathers, my parents and my siblings watching my girl graduate from College, I still had a couple of years left but Ruby was done. I do have to say though the last three years have flown in but they have been amazing, well mainly. Ruby and I had a rough couple of months……