I'm unexpectedly yours.


Janz LGBT+

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At the age of 24, Violet Adams is yet to find her soulmate. Being the strong, wise and self-reliant Alpha of the strongest pack known in the worlds of werewolves, it seems that she doesn't mind ruling her pack without her other half. But the longing and an incomplete feeling was slowly tearing her apart even though how great she concealed it to herself. So imagine her relief and happiness when, in one unexpected day, she finally found her mate. But, is she really happy though ? knowing her mate is a human, and a girl to be exact.


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Chapter 6: Bad memories

Violet got home on the first peek of sunrise. She headed straight to her office. Quietly walking on the hallway to avoid waking up everyone in the mansion.

She wore the same clothes she wore yesterday when she took a run to the forest. But she didn't wore her heels though as she decided to left it downstairs and just walked in bare……