The Fated Prophecy


J. L. Tavares Fantasy

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The bloodline is told to be extinct with the death of the one and only female born. Males are still being born, but do not carry the magic. Will another female be created to begin the prophecy? There are many versions of this prophecy. Most of the books say this female will bare a son. Saying he will be powerful, even more so than his ancestors. What if she were to have a daughter? One man will vow to steal her, mark her, mate with her and use her to bare his pups when she is eighteen like the prophecy states it should happen. He believes those actions will give him the power he has always wanted. With others helping to try and steal the child, the Alpha and Luna have no choice to hide her. This child will grow up in the human world, not knowing what she is until her shift at sixteen. The child wonders about the dreams she has. Another family? What about the wolves? Who are Callie and Harvey? Who gave her the teddy bear? It was left with her when I was found at the fire station. It had her name on it Celeste Heaven. That's my name. She wonders who named her? A relative? She doesn't know her given last name, but her adopted last name is Keene. Will she ever meet my birth parents? Ask them why they left her the way they did? Did they even love her? She has a feeling that there is more, she is meant for more. She has an eidetic memory and too smart for her own good sometimes. Her adoptive parents call it ambition. There is a big piece of her that is missing, she wonders if she will ever find out? What happens when she finds out what she really is? Will she accept it? Will she be alone when it all happens? And what will happen when the man she falls for as teenager finds out they are destined mates? Will he accept her? All things must align if the power she holds is to be released within her. But, with free will can Celeste and her destined mate be able to fulfill the requirements they will know nothing about?


Tags: fatedpowerfulindependentdramabxgseriousmysteryfemale leadpackdisappearance
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Isaac left with the blessing of his Alpha and Luna. Although not being sure whether he wanted to be mated to a child was unsettling. He has hid the feelings he felt for her since the first time he touched her. He felt those sparks, the ones that only your destined mate can give to you. He refused to believe that their was something more th……


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