She's An Animal

Lily Pierce Paranormal

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Edith Benjamin was taken under custody of one of the last royal Succubi along with her in sister Samaritan.
Growing up on Navy Base is hard enough as a wolf. From her first shift, Edith has been part of experimentation to enhance werewolf senses.
She is forced to work for a secret government operation by the name of Human Force.
Her job is to keep the peace beeen each supernatural creature and the human race. While she's fighting Wolves, Vampires, Angels, and Demons she forgets all about her humanity until she is classified Compromised and is suspended from the only thing she knows how to do. Execute.
Edith is sent away from the base and away from the experimental enhancement and is struggling without it.
She finds herself in Washington trespassing in Alpha Dominic's Pack who threatens her way of living by claiming that she belongs to him.
(Werewolves of Darkness Book Three)


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