The Quarterback Likes Me?

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"I got to tell you something", he says.

"I'm not interested", I say.

"it will just take a second", he says.

I sigh, "go on."

"I like you and for a long time as well", he says and I just stare at him.

Jake James, heir to the Montez industries like me? Me, Vanessa Thomas.

Meet me - Vanessa Thomas - the definition of a nerd. Quiet, shy, a bookworm, I've got all the 'geeky' traits. And then there's Jake.

Jake James - the definition of perfect. Handsome with his chocolate hair and entrancing weapons known as his eyes. Not to mention popular and captain of the football team.

But sadly with a hot guy, there's a stalker - this stalker being Heidi. She stands at the top of the social hierarchy.

Heidi is the dictionary denotation of what you would call a 'Queen Bee'. A person who latches and grows from the attention of others.

The school 'Queen Bee' Heidi fawns over Jake, as if he's hers - yet she gains no attention. And for the essential growth that Heidi needs for optimum popularity, she'll do anything.

And I mean absolutely anything...


Save me from a world of drama and a girl who wishes for my impending doom.

Cause that's the life of Vanessa Thomas. Me.


Spin Off of Hanging Out With The Bad Boys


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Vanessa POV

The Day for leaving to go to college.

Books. Check.

Snacks. Check

Clothes. Check

Laptop (I got for my birthday). Check

Something's missing.

Of course my frame pictures from prom and graduation.

"Hurry up Vanessa your plane leaves in……