Yes, daddy

Caexcole Billionaire

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Raleigh woods grew up in an abusive household, she thought the pain would never end. She put in a plan to run away, at least up until her parents sell her. Jake Carter, a billionaire, was a daddy dom. He's been looking for a little for about three years. He finally comes across a girl with the name of Raleigh and buys her off her parents. He introduced her to a new world. Raleigh learned much more about herself and why she always felt younger than her actual age. But will another little get in her way of happiness? What happens when Jake's ex-wife comes back?


Tags: BillionairePossessiveSuicideTeacherxStudentDDLGSecond ChanceDominantSubmissiveCEOTragedy
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I groan and roll over, I had ……