The First Star (Book Two: The Star Series)


Andrea Quinn Fantasy

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Johnny Starr Johnson is the first born son and future Alpha/King of the werewolves. His mother is the most powerful being the only descendant of the werewolf, vampire, fae, and witch. On his brother and sisters thirteenth birthday she bestows the siblings with a family heirloom that her father gave to her.
Four charms representing the different species. These charms have magical powers to enhance abilities. Johnny picks a box and inside is the Silver wolf howling at the moon. This was always his favorite charm on his moms bracelet. And he was happy that he choose this one. The charm will enhance his wolf abilities and being the future King he is more than happy to have the help.
When he comes of age he takes over and runs the kingdom along with his bestfriend and mate Ariel. Little did he know that their parents knew of a secret. What happens when Johnny finds out that he has a second mate? And how will Ariel react? Will they come together? What happens when the Starr Jackson siblings master their gifts will they use them for good? Can Johnny overcome a tremendous lose and come out the other side a better person with the help of his siblings or will the darkness consume him?


Tags: alphafatedpowerfuldramabxgpackbetrayalcoming of agesupernaturalspecial abilityYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
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•Johnny's P.O.V.•

"We have a problem!" Aaron says as he rushed into my office. Instantly Ariel is up with a worried look on her face. "What is it?" I say feeling my heart starting to beat faster. I have a bad feeling about what he's going to say next.

"Rogues at the south border." He says and turns and runs back the way he ca……