The Rejected Slave


Clavet Fantasy

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Suriel Matthews has been living in the Silent Pack all her life. Her mother died in a vampire attack along with the Luna. Her father died before she was born, killed by rogues. Suriel has been treated worse than an Omega. she has been the pack slave. She is bullied by most of her pack members including the Alpha. What keeps her there? The dream of finally finding her mate.
What will happen when Suriel finds out that half of her life had been nothing but a lie?
What will she do when she finds the sole reason behind her mother's death?

Damien White is the future Alpha of the Silent Pack. His mother, Luna Sara died twelve years ago in a vampire attack while out on a picnic with some of her friends. Damien left the pack five years ago to go to Alpha School. Now twenty years old he is ready to take over the pack along with his fiancé Daisy. Daisy is the only child of Alpha Myles of the Blue Moon Pack.
What would happen when Damien gets back to his pack with his fiancé?
What would Damien do when he finds the truth behind his mother's death?


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Chapter 12


 About a half an hour later the door to the room opened, and Lenny walked out with Jyles hot on his heels.

“I’m going to go sign so paper. I’ll be back soon” Jyles said, and I nod. We walked inside the room only to see Ethan sitting down on the chair. He looked up as soon as he heard me come in.