Alpha Prince Imperfect Mate


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"Mom you say I should always stay true to my human and not give in to my wolf form and now you get a chance to practice what you preach but flub every time. This has been the case with you and Dad. Maybe you both need to begin to live in the cellar so you don't keep destroying our home" 

"Dear, you don't understand how powerful the full moon is," Dad said in a low tone defending his misbehavior. 

"You can judge us now but when you are old enough to take a wolf form, you will suffer what we go through and you will not judge us anymore," Mom said in a remorseful voice. 


Not too attractive Rachel, from an ordinary parent who got beaten by their gifted pet Reilly,  but unknown to them, Reilly is not an ordinary dog but a wolf.

Adela is a classy and charming princess from a royal family in the Gold coast pack. Her father is the beta to Alpha Malcolm. Her love is conditional.

A new boy named Louis turns up at Rachel's school one day. He is a prince from the Golden coast pack. He is arrogant, unconcerned, and lacks control of his special abilities.

An unloved Rachel who is afraid to let anyone know about her true identity gets affectionate with him from a distance, her world gets more complicated as she finds him to be a terror, causing more harm than good in her school.

Rachel would be his shining armor of protection but Adela, the royal princess of his dream. Prince Louis is of a royal family and he is left in between two imperfect choices.

Will he ever find a perfect choice among his imperfect choices?



Tags: alphaarrogantbadboygoodgirlprinceroyalty/nobledramabxgpackenemies to loversRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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*Police night*

"That is it?" Rachel takes the phone off her Mom`s ear, "Dad you can get Louis out of there if you tell them what will happen to him if you don't." Rachel said to her Dad on phone. 

"What?" Mr. Daniels exclaimed at Rachel's request.

"Dad you need to tell them what is going to ha……


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