The Abused Secret Omega


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Margarita Perez aka Maggie Pez has always been a woman who has been stepped on and mistreated, by her boss, husband, and even her kids but that's just her normal life but is it normal..After a scary attack by a vicious dog she herself starts to question if all the years of abuse, is really something she should let keep happening or is it time to say, I deserve better. With the help of Damien Cruz the sexy, young looking, werewolf who shows her that love is like a fire that never burns out if it's with the right person and the encouragement of her best friend Jessi who has always pushed to come out of the meek, and shy shell she wears and be the sexy, independent, confident woman she should be. Will she be able to finally a little selfish for herself or will it be too much for her to accept. Will the life she so desperately wished was perfect come undone and let her see, that it was nothing but a lost cause.
Join Maggie as she fights for her life as a woman, a mother, and wife as she realizes that all three things are done with love and compromise not with hate and disrespect.


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I took the kids back to Omar's pack house, and heard what had happened.

They had been taken, Johnny and Daniel from school, and Lacy right as she was going to pick Aren and Dani from daycare.

They had put wolves and humans on high alert, but I guess with witches involved, they found ways to get to them. The……