The Bride of the Zodiac King

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The Sun Kingdom ,the highest Kingdom in the Zodiac World,believes that if a child is to be conceived between a Solas and a Lunas, that could bring peace between the Kingdoms.But for that to happen they will have to find the chosen one who has a close bloodline with Venus,the Queen of the Taureans. But if ever she is to be found ,the King had other plans for her , revenge , for the death of his great grand father who died of a broken heart because of his love for a Taurean woman who are considered to be the most beautiful female species of the Kingdom.
The chosen one is found on a planet called Earth, she was kidnapped and brought to the kingdom to suffer the fate of her ancestors.
For Ella Russels she has no idea that a blind date could turn into a nightmare,turning her whole world upside down.Turning into the bride of a ruthless King overnight in a world so different from hers, Ella has to fight against hatred and even love . A world where mortal enemies will fight for power ,could love be the miracle the Kingdoms awaits for eternal peace? Could opposite attract or it will be a recipe for disaster?


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Chapter Twenty One

Ella stood there unable to say anything to the young man standing in front of her. What could she possibly say? That she was surprised that Leon had a younger brother who is staying in this world which she could only enter through her dreams. She was pretty sure that her husband was not aware that he had a younger brother and Ella was curious to……