Reborn: Age of Heroes


Matthew Spades Fantasy

1920 reads

Eighteen-year-old Samuel Strongheart was making bread when a scorpion-like demon invaded his home. Samuel scrambles to the living room only to see the nightmarish abomination making its way to kill his mother and father. Armed with nothing but a rolling pin, he dies saving his parents.

As if by some miracle, Samuel finds himself resurrected in a barren wasteland. Desperate to find his way back home, he wanders the hellish dimension.

He meets Amias, a trapped Soul who guides him in a quest to escape Hell and save humanity together with other resurrected humans: Lyana Teresi, a Greek huntress, and Magat Karagatan, a tribal chieftain.

Will a baker’s son be able to defeat the King of Hell? Will the team be able to unite despite their differences? Or will the Demon King get to them before they fulfill the Divine Quest?

Reborn: Age of Heroes
A Chaos Series Spinoff


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationno-couplekickingmale leadmagical worldrebirth/rebornsupernaturalweak to strong
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Eighty - Hell is Here

The smell of freesia flowers, seawater and mild sweat flooded my nostrils as I hugged my mother. I could not put into words just how much I missed her. After spending what seemed like entire lifetimes in the Second Circle of Hell, the few short moments that I embraced Amara felt like forever. I savored every breath of it.

"I've lon……


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