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Vampire Whore Fantasy

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When Santa becomes deathly Ill, His son, Nicky, Has to return to the North Pole and start his training. His birthright has always been to eventually take over when his father passes away and become the new ''Santa Claus'', But he doesn't want that. He's NEVER wanted that!

When Nicky comes home, He does everything he can show his parents and everyone else that he doesn't want to be Santa, but then Nicky meets Mistletoe, The Elf's daughter. She is just the distraction he needs. As the month's pass and with Christmas drawing closer, Nicky decides to reject everything and everyone and run away with Mistletoe, effectively ruining Christmas forever.

There's only one choice... Mistletoe must be the one to save Christmas by giving up her whole entire life and leave the Northpole... forever.


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