City On Fire

Idonette blignaut Suspense/Thriller

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Ella Morae has been checked into the Lake Rise Sleep Clinic for the past six months. Initially her diagnosis is Nightmare Disorder but in her heart she knows her nightmares are predictions of future events and there might be no cure. Despite the mounting evidence she is firmly in denial and hopes the clinic can offer her a cure.
She is wrong and what eventually forces her to face her demons is a nightmare of mass genocide by a man dressed as a priest.


Tags: ActionMurderDarkPossessiveReincarnationKarma/DestinyArrogantBadboyGoodgirlTragedy
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Traffic moved slow as is but the silence in the car made if far harder. Ella had turned a slight shade of pink before going pale and not saying another word. Although he had expected as much it was still troubling.       
What should have been an hour turned into two and a half all because some shit overturned a truck carr……