Lost and Alone


Felvis3 Romance

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“You can’t involve my family in this. It is not fair,” I try to argue.

“You need to know one thing about me, that is, I never play fair. And regarding bringing you family in-between this, is their doing,” he says totally confusing me.

“What ‘doings’?” I question him.

“Their mistake. Mistake of bringing you into this world. Their greatest mistake,” he says.

Hearing him say that, brought tears in my eyes.

Am I a mistake?
Misunderstandings and lies makes Valerio hurt and abuse Vasilisa.

Let's see how much he will break her until the truth is reviled?


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Hey guys!!

here is the book 2 of the 'Lost and Alone' series!!

If you are new here and have not read 'Lost and alone' i highly suggest you to read it. 'Lost and Alone is the base for this story. so do read 'Lost and Alone'.

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