CEO’s Sweet Honey


Mr. Edwards! Mrs. Edwards, she's jeopardising the party!

"Let her be, I like the way she does it"

“Mr. Edwards! Mrs. Edwards smashed the studio!”

"Take people, surround the live broadcast room, and ask the person in charge to come out and apologize to Mrs. Edwards!"

Mr. Edwards! Mrs. Edwards is making trouble again!

"Well, tell the entire upper class, I cover for her!"

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Chapter 1 His Affection
Crystal was dead. Her body sank into the lake, along with her newly born twins, a son and a daughter. Her soul was trapped at the bottom of the lake with her physical body. She tried countless times to rush over to pick up the children, but every time she passed through the bodies of the children, she couldn't touch them at all. "Buzz!" A group of creatures at the bottom of the lake swarmed over and surrounded her and the children's bodies, beginning to bite them. "No, no!" She tried to drive them away like crazy, but in vain. Her soul seemed to be torn apart and burned by the raging fire, but it couldn't compare with the pain at the moment. She actually... actually watched as her children were bitten... Hatred, monstrous hatred! At this moment, a beam of light slowly broke through the darkness at the bottom of the lake. Crystal thought, "Does someone come? "Save my children!" But seeing the person diving into the water, her soul suddenly trembled. How could it be... How could it be Jason? More than half a year ago, she escaped from Jason with her pregnant children. How could he still come to find her? Jason definitely didn't know that these two children were his. To her surprise, Jason brought her and the children to the shore. And her soul could come up together. "Mr. Edwards, I've contacted the funeral house. We can send Crystal and the children over directly." Owen said. Without saying a word, Jason took her and the children home. He personally freshened her up, helped her change into clean clothes, and then carried her into a large room. The room was decorated in pink and looked like a girl's. It was Crystal's favorite princess style when she was alive. There was an ice coffin in the room. Jason held her in his arms and stood beside the ice coffin for a long time before putting her into it. After staring at her for a long time, Jason bent down and kissed her on the lips. Jason kissed her? Crystal felt as if her soul was trembling. At the same time, she could clearly feel Jason's sadness and reluctance to part with her, but... she had never thought that Jason would have such deep feelings for her. No, she hadn't even thought that Jason would have feelings for her. The two children were also dressed up by him in a clean and beautiful way. They were placed on both sides of her body as if they were asleep. In the next two years, Crystal finally witnessed Jason's madness. This man first let those who killed her die one by one in despair and extreme fear. Furthermore, with all the financial resources of the Edwards Group, he had gathered the best doctors in the world just to develop a medicine that could bring the dead back to life for Crystal. As a soul, Crystal felt that Jason was crazy, but this man didn't listen to anyone's persuasion and insisted on doing it on his own way. In the past two years, Crystal had been fed countless drugs, but there was no sign of her waking up. For her, he had not slept well for almost two whole years. He worked by her side day and night. When he was exhausted, he slept for a few hours leaning against the ice coffin. For two years, there were only two nights when Jason was not in this room. He asked the chef to prepare nutritious food for the three meals a day. He put it next to her ice coffin and prepared fork and knife for her and the children, as if they were a family of four eating together. However, the three chairs beside him were always empty. He was alone and he did not eat much. "Mr. Edwards, Crystal has been dead for two years!" "Even if you put her in the ice coffin and keep her body from rotting, she is already a corpse. You can touch her. She is as cold as ice!" Finally, Owen knelt on the ground and begged him. "That's right. Jason, listen to him." Crystal also wanted to say that. "Just take it as me begging you." But Jason couldn't hear anything. He kicked Owen in the chest. "Get lost!" Owen fell to the side, and Jason spat out a mouthful of blood. At that time, Crystal's soul was floating in front of Owen, and the hot blood directly spurted out through her soul. In an instant, she felt that her soul was burning, and she was in so much pain. What was even more unacceptable to her was... Jason fell to the ground because of exhaustion and never woke up again. He died next to her body.

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