31 Days Before I Say I Love You (English)

friends to lovers

She was supposed to confess her feelings to Grayson Evans that night, her one and only best friend. But in just a snap of a finger, everything changes, after she was hit by a raging car that lead to her death.

Kaylee thought that’s the end of her life on earth. She quickly accepts her death and now ready to cross the after life. But the angel of God gave her another chance to go back. Not to her body, but to go back in time. Thirty-one days earlier before the accidents happen that killed her. And in a span of thirty-one days, Kaylee have to complete her mission. To be able to confess to Grayson that she’s in love with and to tell him truth. A sin that gave him endless guilt and sleepless nights.

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Chapter One: The End & The Beginning
          DECEMBER thirty-first of twenty-sixteen. About ten minutes before clock strikes at exactly eight in the evening. Kaylee run fast towards her car and quickly jumped in and leave. It’s been eight months since she met her long-time best friend, Grayson Evans, again. After accidentally bumped into each other on a restaurant, they both exchange numbers and start communicating again.           And tonight, is extra special for Kaylee. Because this is the night where she finally made a decision to confess her true feelings for Grayson. Yes. From high school up until this moment, she’s secretly in love with him. After gathering all her courage, she will now tell him how much she loves him. She’s excited. But part of her is scared, she didn’t have any idea how will Grayson react. First, she’s not his type. He likes model type of women. Sophisticated and modern women. And she’s too far from his ideal girls. Her looks are just ordinary. Nothing special. And Kaylee knew he only see her as best friend or sometimes, a sister. It sucks. It gives her a lot of pain. But that’s the truth she has to accept. Now she decided to take the risk. Because she cannot hide her feelings any more.           New year is just four hours away. Kaylee wants to start twenty-seventeen right. For once, she doesn’t want to be scared anymore. She wants to be honest. Not just with her feelings. That night is not just about her confession of love. It is also the night of confession to her sin. Something that she did five years ago. An incident that get out of hand and ruined someone else’s life. Also, almost ruin Grayson’s career. It’s now or never. If Kaylee won’t do it today. She didn’t know if she can still do it next time.           She glanced at the rear-view mirror when she heard the car behind her honked the horn. She ignored it. The traffic is so heavy since it’s already holiday rush hour. Then, she looked at the time on the dashboard of the car, it’s already five minutes past eight in the evening. She’s already late. Grayson might be there already at their meeting place. That’s when her phone ring.           “Hey,” she answered.           “Where are you? I just got here.”           “I’m already around the area, maybe two to three minutes more,” she answered.           She felt relieved knowing that she’s not making him wait but nervous at the same time. Knowing it’s just minutes away ‘till her confession. It makes her scared as well. What she’s about to do is a big risk. Her confession can possibly break their friendship. It may affect her love confession as well. She can just keep the truth for the rest of their lives and just tell him how she feels. But they are best friends, they supposed to be honest with each other at all times. No secrets. No lies. So, she has to do the right thing.           Grayson is a famous singer. All his songs reached top one on all music charts. Every album he released are all sold out. He is the real deal. Every movie producer wants him to sing their sound track. So, if someone recognized him in the public place. It’s a real trouble because people will surely mob him.           “Okay, come quickly. I still have schedule at eight-thirty.”           “Yes, I’m already here at the stop light.”           She heard him sigh on the other line.           “I’m really curious. What are you going to tell me? That you have to say it in person.”           She chuckled. “Stop being impatient. I’m already there.”           “Fortunately, Ace was able to free my schedule for thirty minutes that’s why I agreed to meet you. So, make sure I’ll be happy with what you’re about to say,” he said jokingly.           Kaylee’s smile on her face slowly disappeared. Then, she took a deep sigh to ease away the negative feelings she has at the moment.           “I hope so, Grayson. I really hope so,” she whispered.           “What did you say?”           “Huh? I just said I will hang up now.”           “Okay, I’ll wait for you in front of the restaurant.”           “Just wait for me inside.”           “No. I’ll wait here for you. Let’s go inside together.”           Kaylee smiled again. Grayson is always like that, even when they were young. Every time they will meet up on a restaurant. One of his habit is to wait for her in front of the restaurant and they will go together inside.           “Fine.”           “See you later, Kaylee.”           “Yeah, see you.”           Kaylee took a very deep sigh. Though she felt scared, part of her is quite confident, that he will understand why she did it. After all, they have been together most of their life. He will forgive her. All she has to do now is to trust him.           In less than a minute, finally she arrived at their meeting place. She parked the car beside the street and immediately get out of the car. She doesn’t need to look for him among the sea of crowd. The man standing in front of the restaurant, wearing all black outfit, wearing a baseball cap and a mask to cover his face is definitely Grayson. Kaylee confirmed her guess when the man she’s looking waved his hand to her. She smiled at him and waved back. And suddenly, when he looked at her right side, he started running and took off his cap and mask looking at the back of her car. Confused and frightened. Them he heard him screamed. “Kaylee! Watch out!” She immediately looked back. And before she knew what was happening. Kaylee was already hit by a raging car, running ninety kilometer per hour. All she remembers that moment is her body flying away like a piece paper few meters from where she stands. The next thing she heard are chaos around her. She looked around; people are starting to stand around her. Some are curious what happened, some are worried and scared. There are some kind-hearted people came to her and trying to help her. “Miss, miss, can you hear me?” asked by a middle-aged woman. Kaylee felt numb all over body. She started to feel very scared. All she can feel that moment is a fluid running down her forehead. Breathing keeps getting harder for her. It feels like something is crushing her chest with heavy object. As tears started running down her cheeks, she tried lifting her hands as she saw Grayson approaching. “Gray… son…” she uttered. “Kaylee!” Grayson almost pushed the people away and immediately picked her upper body and embraced her tight as soon as he came. “Stay with me, Kaylee! Don’t you dare close your eyes!”           He is crying so hard. That was the first time she saw him cry like that. It’s the first time Kaylee saw him broken. Scared. He held her hand and put it on his cheeks.           “I’ll bring you to the hospital. Hang on, okay?”           She opened her mouth, trying to utter some words and tell him what she was suppose to tell him. But she can no longer talk, as breathing begin to get even more harder for her.          “I love you, Grayson. I love you so much. I’ve been in love with you since we were younger. And I’m very sorry. It’s my fault why you and Aira broke up. It was me who took that video and gave it to the reporter. I did that because I was so jealous. And I feel like, Aira is taking you away from me. But I regret what I did. And I’m so sorry. I’m sorry if I cannot tell these things to you,” she said on her mind instead.           “Kaylee, you said you will say something to me. Me too, I have something to tell you as well. So, you have to hang on.”           She gave a sad smile as her tears continue to fall from her eyes. Then, she took her last and deep breath.           “Kaylee… no…”           And slowly, Kaylee closed her eyes.                      

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