Mr. Billionaire's Bride

love after marriage
second chance
arranged marriage

Three years back, after a terrible car crash, Hailey Gonzales lost her memory.

The Present

Walking down the aisle in her stunning, almost breathtaking silky ball gown wedding dress, Hailey gazes at her soon to be husband, promising herself to make her marriage a successful one.

However, Sebastian Ryders still remembers every single word Hailey told him that night before the accident.

He gives her a tight smile, vowing to himself to use this marriage as a way to avenge himself.

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Chapter 1 : Revenge vows
❀ CHAPTER ONE❀ The soft velvety music of the flute began playing. On cue, Mr. Gonzales gave his daughter a little nudge. With every step Hailey took down the aisle, the soft noises of her silky ball gown dress sounded more and more shrilling to her ears. She had her head slightly bowed, allowing her to see only the patterns of interlaced ribbons and pearls of her own dress. As they neared the altar, the three pairs of black trousers she could only faintly decipher at first, became clearer and clearer. Soon the music halted, along with her steps and her heart somersaulted. Ever so slowly, she lifted her head and looked to her right, where sat her mother. Mrs. Gonzales was beyond happy, the long-awaited day had finally arrived, the day that took months and months of meticulous planning. She smiled reassuringly at her daughter, eyes lit up with tears. Hailey could see the pride in her mother’s eyes. Holding her gaze, she beamed, amazed by how the sight of her could be so soothing. After shaking hands with Sebastian, Mr. Gonzales patted his daughter’s back gently, before joining his wife in the front row. The flimsy material of her veil made everything look more dream-like, accentuating the surreal feeling inside her. However, Hailey’s blissful bubble soon bust when her eyes met those of her future husband, Sebastian Ryders, undeniably handsome billionaire, with soft chestnut brown hair and dark ocean blue eyes that pierced through her with such intense dullness and disdain that she felt a strong feeling of uneasiness creep inside her. Instantly, she averted her gaze but Sebastian remained completely unfazed. He took her hand and turned towards the priest, coaxing her to do the same. Hailey heard nothing of the wedding speech, she was too bothered by the mixture of feelings she saw in Sebastian’s eyes. It was only when the priest cleared his throat, and demanded for the second time that she stand face to face to Sebastian that she snapped back to reality. Although quite startled, she fumbled with her dress and quickly complied. The room grew suddenly too quiet as she did so. Sebastian watched intently as Hailey moved to face him. The slight shaking of her intertwined fingers did not go unnoticed. He forced himself to remain calm, maintaining the same unaffected, slightly bored expression plastered on his face, but inside him, was a raging storm. He took a ste p forward and swallowed, annoyed by the irony of the words he was about to utter ‘ On this day, I wholeheartedly take you as my wife, acknowledging and accepting your faults and strengths as you do mine. I will stand by you in plenty and in want, in sickness and in health, in failure and victory and walk beside you to wherever our journey leads us” With this, he slipped the magnificent white diamond ring on her finger. Hailey jerked slightly at the sudden contact and the shaking intensified. She gulped, forcing herself to calm down, then proceeded shakily “ O-on this day, I give you my heart, my promise, that I will be yours, in plenty and in want, in sickness and in health, in failure and triumph. That I will walk with you, through whatever our lives may bring, cherishing, loving and learning as I join my life to yours” The priest nodded, and glancing at Sebastian exclaimed “ You may now kiss you bride” Hailey tensed as Sebastian approached her. Slowly, he lifted her veil, revealing her soft glistening porcelain skin. Sebastian stiffened, his jaws clenched when enormous pale blue eyes, with a sliver of hazel met his. She looked the same, her face small, fragile, with classic delicate bones. Anger bubbled inside him as she stared into his eyes, her plump lips painted stark red, mouth slightly agape, long bristly black lashes adorning her wide open eyes. It sickened him, how her features were misleading, deceiving, how innocent she seemed. For what seemed like forever, they just stood there, staring at one another, uncertain what to do. Then Sebastian, wrapping his hands loosely around her waist, slowly bent his lips towards hers, but before his lips could barely touch hers he stopped, hesitated, then fighting the urge to step back, he tightened his grip around her waist and gently brushed his lips against hers. Hailey felt fireworks erupt inside her but he retracted almost instantly. When they pulled apart everyone in the hall cheered and clapped. Slowly Hailey opened her eyes, only to see Sebastian staring down at her. Her breath hitched, his blue mesmerizing eyes had turn shades darker, hatred clear in them, making him look a lot more terrifying than handsome. Noticing the fear on Hailey's face, Sebastian smirked. He bent his lips to her ear and whispered in a low, menacing voice 'Time for payback sweetheart' then slightly brushed his lips on her ears, sending an ice cold shiver down her spine. ◇ END OF CHAPTER ONE◇

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