Fighting For Hope

childhood crush

I'm Lucas Adams. My love life has forever been damaged by one dark brown haired beauty with crystal blue eyes named Hope Green. I got a taste of her in high school for a brief period of time and now every relationship I have is tainted by Hope's memory. She is the scratch I just can't itch properly. Now that she is returning to my life I intend to keep her this time. But will fate take my chance with Hope away yet again? Hope has changed. She is not the girl I fell in love with. She actually seems to hate me now. I don't care what I need to do I will always keep fighting for Hope.

I'm Hope Green. My family is very rich and very successful. I used to be the apple of not only my dad's eye, but my Uncles Jeremy and Jayson. I saved my dad and mom's relationship even before I was born. My family has always loved and cared for me. Supported me in any way possible. I discovered early enough I have a talent in art. It is a blessing and a curse.

My art brought the one guy I could have spent a lifetime with to me. But fate intervened and I went from the fun loving girl and apple of my family's eye to the embarrassment and trash I have been for years now. I can't talk to my family. My cousin Harper is the only one I let in more than the rest. I don't like hurting my family, but the shame I will bring upon my family if they found out will leave a scar that won't be able to be healed. It all started with that one guy. With Lucas. Now he's back in my life and my secrets are becoming harder to hide. I don't know what to do anymore...

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Chapter One
Lucas I unlocked the door to my parent’s house and snuck my way inside. I need a shower and I don’t feel like answering my mom as to why I was out late yet again. I’m almost twenty-six, but they still like to treat me like a kid sometimes if they even notice me. I made my way to my room. I began stripping my clothes off on my way to my bathroom. I started the shower heating up while I finished yanking my clothes off. I smell like the club I just came from. What’s worse is I smell like the brunette that I couldn’t resist through my beer and shots addled brain. I needed relief and she was willing. I f*.cked her hard against the wall near the bathrooms. I embarrassed myself as I called out Hope when I came. She was with me up to that point, but clearly wasn’t happy with me after I called her by someone else’s name. F*.ck I didn’t even know the girl’s name. I sobered faster than I would have liked when she slapped my face after climbing off my d*.ck. It didn’t matter. It didn’t slake my ache and need just like no woman has been able to satisfy my need except for Hope. I honestly thought I would be drowning in *ss. I’m good looking. I have sharp facial features. I keep my body toned. I’m six foot even. I have short black slightly wavy hair. If that doesn’t attract the women, my golden whiskey colored eyes usually draw them in. My skin looks like it is tanned constantly. My mom is mixed black and white, and my dad is white. Sad fact was every woman I have tried to date doesn’t last. I try to blame it all on them in whatever way as to why the relationship didn’t work out, but it is me. Moreso it is Hope Green’s fault. She ruined me and I can’t get her out of my system these almost nine years now. I can admit to myself that I didn’t have the best of intentions initially as I made my move on her just before our senior year started in high school. Memory I learned from my friend Harper that his cousin Hope had finally had her studio at home finished for its remodel where she worked on different artistic and creative projects. She has made Halloween masks for her family for every party they have hosted each year. It is a whole thing to get invited to Harper and Hope’s Halloween party. I planned on remaining in the cut. Hope had built up a reputation of being a ‘goody two shoes’ rich girl. Her father and uncle run a multi-billion dollar company. Her dad alone became a billionaire before he turned twenty-seven. Because of his inventions he turned The Green Company into a billion dollar company. Hope didn’t act like an uber rich daughter though. She dressed in good clothes, but they were rather plain and sometimes frumpy or stained with paint, glue, who knew what else. She would wear loose fitting t-shirts too. Hope always kept her hair up in some sort of messy ponytail or braid. She usually kept a pencil tucked behind her left ear to sketch whenever the moment struck. Most guys dared not talk to her because Harper was a constant vigil of protection not only of Hope, but his other cousins and siblings. He treated them all like they were his siblings though. Hope was the exception. It was almost as if they were twins sometimes, they were that inseparable. Sadly, kids would tease her behind her back that Hope was in love with her cousin. Harper got an in-school suspension when one of the boys joked about it near him. Harper proudly took his punishment and sent a message in his actions to respect those he cares about. I figured if I could get Hope to make my Halloween mask it would be an excuse to get close to her. It is still summer, and Halloween is months away, but I want to give her time. I knocked on the front door after the guy at the gate had let me in. I parked my car where he had told me to. An aging woman answered the door. “Hi. I’m Lucas Adams. I’m here to see Hope.” “She’s in her studio. Straight down that hallway. Take a right and follow it all the way to the end. The door is on the left.” I gulped a little but nodded and thanked her. I was intimidated to be in this huge mansion during the day and no one else seemed to be home. I have been here before for other parties but… I live in a nice big house. My parents have money. They work CGI for movies, but this house is four times the size of my house. I made my way quickly to her studio. I knocked on the door at the end of the hallway. There was no answer, but the music is really loud. I decided to try the handle and it gave way under my hand. “Hello. Hope.” I called. I made my way into the room. I was impressed. It is an open space, but it is filled with different stations and machines that I was unsure of their use. The ceiling was all glass letting the sun pour in. If the walls had been glass too you could have considered it a greenhouse in a sense. “Hope.” I called as I worked through the room trying to find her. I wandered towards the back of the studio. I watched as Hope danced around and flung paint at a canvas with a paintbrush. Her smile captivated me. I haven’t seen her smile much when she is in school. She was wearing black jogger type shorts and a hot pink halter top. I had never seen so much of Hope’s body and creamy skin revealed to me. I stood there mesmerized by her until I forgot why I had come. Hope shrieked out a scream when she finally saw me. “Lucas, what are you doing in my studio?” She demanded. I had never heard her use a direct tone like that before. I have had girlfriends in school. I have made out and touched them if they allowed me to, but all I wanted to do was to take Hope’s clothes off and bury my body in hers. I didn’t even know why my body reacted that way. My friends think I have had s*x, but I haven’t yet. I don’t count letting girls give me a hand job as having s*x really. I always used the excuse I never have a condom with me and when they told me they were on birth control I made an excuse I didn’t want to risk it. Fact was my dad insisted I keep condoms in my car and carry at least one on me at all times. He had a pregnancy scare with his girlfriend in high school. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to throw out expired condoms. Hope had put her brush down and stormed the few feet towards me. I barely caught that she had repeated herself. “Uh sorry. I was wanting to ask you something.” “What?” “I have seen the masks you make for your family for Halloween. I was wondering if you would make mine. I’ll pay you for it.” “Halloween isn’t for months.” “I know, but doesn’t it take time to make a good mask?” “I suppose depending on how detailed you want the mask and if adjustments need to be made…” She trailed off in thought for a second. “Well, I figured if I asked you now, it won’t interfere with your family’s mask making." “Fine. I need to make a mold of your body especially your face.” “What? Why my whole body?” “Because I can do more than a mask. I make their full costumes. Trust me when I say no store bought costume will suit well with my masks.” Thinking about the masks her family wore I believed her. I nodded. “Okay. Well, go behind those shelves over there. Take all your clothes off and meet me there.” She pointed to a sturdy looking table. “Can I keep my boxers on?” “You can but when my dad and uncles wore theirs the outfits were off. I had shown my mom and aunts how to cast their molds for me. The recasts were better.” I hesitated for a second, but I went to where she pointed and took my clothes off. Her back was to me as I approached the table. I had my hands cupped over my d*.ck as best as I could. “Now what?” She turned to look at me. “Climb on the table and lay down on your back.” I did as she instructed once her back turned again. I still covered my d*.ck with my hands. Hope turned back around, and her crystal blue eyes assessed me. “The mold won’t work with your hands covering your…” I saw a blush spread. I noticed she had a light dabbling of freckles across her cheeks. “Can I cover my, you know.” “Big bad jock basketball player I would have thought you would jump at the chance to show off your package.” Her body practically shook with mirth at her teasing of me. “I’m joking.” She turned to grab a small bit of white cloth off the shelf nearby. I don’t know why I did it, but I removed my hands before she turned back around. A part of me wanted to shock her. Another wanted to see how she really responded to seeing me. She turned back to me, and she kept herself composed or so she thought. I saw her eyes darken and dilate and I heard her breath hitch with the barest of sounds. “Here.” She handed me the cloth to cover my d*.ck. She proceeded to do what she needed to start the mold of my body. I tried to remain still and keep calming thoughts because the more I watched her work over my body the more I craved her. Her hands on me were a trial as she slathered petroleum jelly on my body. I felt the heat of her hands. It took time to do my front and I was grateful she used a hair dryer or something to help dry the plaster a bit quicker. She had to wrap my hair, but it saved time for when I turned onto my stomach for her to do the back. I didn’t care or so I thought that she had access to my *ss. She was quite professional when she plastered my d*.ck. But her hands didn’t have a barrier of cloth and I had to contain the groan when she rubbed the jelly on my bare *ss. She showed me where to take a shower. There was a shower area near where I took my clothes off. She had nice body wash that smelled like a pleasant smell of oranges. I rinsed off and pulled the curtain back. She was standing near the counter with a towel in her hand. She had gasped. “Sorry, I was bringing you a towel.” All of a sudden now she is nervous to see my naked body. She looked to the side and floor as she held the towel out to me. I took it and watched as she avoided looking at me. I encroached on her space. “You just saw me. You touched me. Why are you afraid to look at me now? To touch me?” Her face shot to mine, and I pounced. I claimed her lips. I was willing to let her go if she wasn’t ready. Hope wrapped her arms around me and held my wet body to hers. I backed her up to the wall. I lifted her thi.ghs, and she wrapped her legs around my hips as my d*.ck grazed her p*.ssy. Rubbing it through her shorts. My hands were all over her body. I pulled up on her top and was surprised when she wasn’t wearing a bra. I groaned as I kissed my way into her neck and down to her br*.asts. I licked her n*.p*le and sucked it into my mouth while my hand cupped and teased her other br*.ast. She ground against me. I had to pull back. “We need to stop. If we don’t stop now, I don’t think I will be able to stop later.” I gasped as I rested my head to hers. She answered me with rocking her hips against me. “Fine. Just know I gave you an out.” I told her. I carried her into her studio. I set her on one of the oversized beanbag chairs I saw nearby. I pulled away from her and she opened her mouth to protest. “I need to get a condom.” I moved to my pants and when I turned back around, she was pushing her shorts and underwear off her body. She was a vision lying there. Her dark brown hair had come loose and fanned her face some. Her crystal blue eyes seemed to burn for me. I was so mesmerized I dropped the condom. It slid under the shelf, and I had to get down on my knees to search for it. I couldn’t see, but I felt the package and pulled it back out. I tore it open and rolled it on nervously. Her image just burned into my memory as I joined her again. “Have you done this before?” We were only seventeen, but I wasn’t sure if she had a boyfriend, she had s*x with before. She shook her head. “I hear it can hurt the first time.” I told her. “I know.” Hope replied softly. She spread her legs wide for me and the look of her perfect p*.ssy captivated me. I reached to touch her and prepare her for my entrance. She was dripping for me. She leaned up and kissed me while I scissored two fingers in her before I pressed my tip in. I am not a small guy. Her body stretched around me, and it was exquisite torture. I felt something blocking my full entry. She wasn’t lying. I sucked her n*.p*le in my mouth to distract her as I pushed myself all the way in. She let out a small shriek of pain. “Are you okay?” I looked down on her. It took a few more seconds to respond. “I’m okay.” I lost myself in Hope’s body and arms. Her walls clamped down on me and she screamed my name as she came. I would have paid anything to have felt her c*m on me without a condom. Her orgasm pulled mine and I filled the condom. It took a couple of minutes before I could pull out of her body. I moved to the bathroom and disposed of the condom in the trash. I turned the shower back on. I heated it. I was on cloud nine, but Hope has to be sore. It was our first time and I saw the blood when I pulled out. I was jerking off to the memory. I came painting the shower walls with my release. I felt a little more relieved than whatever woman I had at the club. I am nervous. That must be what is wrong with me. After all this time I’m going to go back, and I will see Hope again. I don’t know what I’ll do to see her again. Harper said she is not dating anyone, but Hope is too beautiful and captivating to not have men falling at her feet.   I’m nervous to be going back to Colorado. My parents moved to California with me when I attended UCLA. They gave the excuse that they would be closer to work more in person with the movie companies. I got my law degree and have spent the past few years doing contract work for actors, actresses, and the like. California just isn’t doing it for me anymore. I happened to be talking with Harper and it came about that his uncle runs his own law firm in the same building as his dad and uncle’s company is based. His Uncle Jayson is always looking for new lawyers and experienced ones. He has a sort of high turnover rate, but it is because he allows lawyers to be trained and gain experience with him. From what Harper told me they move on to bigger and better things and his uncle isn’t sore about it. There is always new lawyers needing a chance. I could use a little more experience, but I’m good elsewise. It gives me the opportunity to run into Hope again and maybe she’ll give me a second chance to see if we can go anywhere. She has always been one of my biggest regrets when she ended what we had together. I truly hope that Hope can deal with me because I’ll be moving into Harper’s side of their shared house as soon as Harper and his fiancée Ryann can move into their new house. I guess there is a big separation in the house, so her studio doesn’t disturb Harper and Ryann as much.

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