Don't say Stockholm Syndrome


Joshua Cole was a normal teen, until a drunk driver knocked is live out. His parents and sister died. Alone, with no source of income, he grabs what little he have and tries to move on with his life. but fate have a different idea and Joshua ends up hostage to a game that will change all his life and open his soul to the sweet pleasure.

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Chapter 1 Sometimes our life changes and before we know it, we are 180 degrees from where we started. The problem is that changing life 180 degrees is not always good. In Joshua Cole's case, it was really bad. Last year, his life was like any other 17-year-old boy's. He had a house, he had a car, he was finishing high school with grades that put him at the top of the best students nationwide, he had a girlfriend, he had a younger sister and he had a father and mother who loved him. But that was last year. A drunk man, who thought he was a superhero, got into the car and, with that gesture, ended everyone's lives. His parents and sis died at the scene. Joshua was left alone, without a source of income. The bank, shortly after, took away the house. Joshua couldn't even hate the drunk driver, as he died a few days later in the hospital. He ended up selling the car because he couldn't afford the gas. All Joshua had that he could call his own was a photo album, a backpack full of clothes and some utility’s, a camping tent and a sleeping bag. Joshua was alone, he was poor, but he was not a defeatist. His grades earned him a scholarship to a good college, and a room in the dorm. With the money from the sale of the car, he bought a bus ticket and, with everything he had, he went to college. Nothing tied him to that town. The rest of the family just showed up to offer him some change for the furniture in the house, and his girlfriend quickly left him for someone else. When he got on the bus, there was no one to say goodbye to him, and when the bus left, he had no reason to look back. The journey took almost a day, with short stops along the way for short trips to the bathroom or to buy something to eat. When Joshua arrived on campus, he was impressed. The space was immense. The whole space was huge, with beautiful gardens and many buildings, surrounded by a dense forest, which isolated that small town from the rest of the world. He goes to the administration building, and gets his student schedule, the key and room number, which he would have to share with another student, but that won't happen until next month, a detailed map of the campus, and the locker number and code. Following the map, he finds the boys' dorm in minutes. It was a 4-storey building, with several rooms per floor, and a bathroom on each floor, with several showers. His room was on the second floor and was at the end of the corridor, completely opposite to the bathroom. Being away from the bathroom was good, as it avoided the constant rush for daily needs and showers, but it didn't have to be that far either. It was OK. Joshua opens the door, chooses the right side of the room, and arranges the few belongings he had in the closet. He was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the room had a desk equipped with a computer and printer, and the password for the PC, written on a small post-it note, which also advised changing it as quickly as possible, to a safe and personal password. Lectures start soon, in the next week, and he still had 4 days to get used to it. The first thing to do is take a shower. He takes the towel and hygiene products, and goes to the showers. undresses, checks the water temperature and slides under the thickly falling drops. He took a few minutes to relax and then get the shower gel, which was a 3-in-1 version, with shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, as it was cheaper that way, and clean the body of dust and sweat from the previous days. He was glad no one showed up. The dormitory was still very deserted. He gets out of the shower with a towel draped around his waist and dries his hair with another. Joshua has beautiful hair, by the way, like everything about him was beautiful. 18 years old, 6.2 tall, green eyes, so clear that when the sun hit them, they seemed to radiate light, black, straight, long hair that reached the middle of the back. the hair his mother loved to comb and collect in a ponytail or bun. such a perfect and beautiful face, in a very manhood way, still no hair on the face, a well-defined body, 6 pack, biceps, strong legs, thanks to the daily exercises, which he used to do in the gym, and now he does wherever he is available, using what appears as weights. A Greek god in the body of a young man. Joshua goes to the sink and looks in the mirror, brushes his teeth, and decides to go back to his room and get some sleep, before going out to see where he can get something cheap to eat. As he crosses the hall, someone pokes their head out of the room and yells, "Nice ass!", but when Joshua looks, no one is there. He chuckles and walks into his room shaking his head. "note to myself: take the clothes to wear after the shower", he thinks. In a dorm you would expect to have a variety of people, and gays would be among those types. He had nothing against gays. He grew up with an education where, regardless of who loved who, the important thing was the personality of each person. But he doesn't swing that way, so he had better keep his distance. After putting on a t-shirt and shorts, he throws himself on the bed and let’s sleep take him.

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